Chris Rodda Op-Ed on HuffPost and Daily Kos: “Air Force Museum Puts Admittedly Inaccurate Story Back On Display; Sekulow’s ACLJ Launches Attack to Defend Exhibit”

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  1. Virginia Reader

    On Saturday, 9 December 2017 I made an all day visit to the Joint Security Area and other places in the Demilitarized Zone separating North and South Korea. I saw no evidence of said church. No evidence, zilch, nada, zero. I conclude it simply didn’t happen. Period.

    I asked people: nobody had any memories of christianly told tale of the purported village or the heroic rescue of the tattered banner. I don’t know where Maxwell AFB got its flag or its story. I conclude that it is a mythical, mystical story and various people think the legend is too “inspirational ” to spoil it with the truth. Shame on Maxwell.

    Pan Mun Jeom is a scary place. Like Berlin at Checkpoint Charlie when I first visited in late August of 1961. It needs no more myths; the UN Forces motto is “In front of them all.” That suffices.

  2. Ingrid Scott

    But unfortunately, those who wish to perpetuate “Christian” mythology will continue to deny real facts to support their myths. It would be great if Virginia’s comment could be put by that exhibit. But you know it wouldn’t happen: the best way to keep folks fighting (in or out of actual military situations) is to assure them that no matter what they do, GOD is on THEIR side. (And I’m retired military myself. Not a “Christian”.)

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