“Military EEO Issue” – Retired Field Grade Officer Sends Prolific Thank You to MRFF for Rapid Response

Mikey, Chris, & the MRFF team,
I’m a retired field grade officer currently working as a government civilian at (military installation name REDACTED). During the festivities surrounding our holiday celebrations such as potlucks, etc., benedictions are offered, but on several occasions the (non-chaplain) person offering the benediction went straight into very sectarian Christian prayers. While the leadership of our office is apparently predominantly Christian, there are other belief systems represented in the rank and file. Forcing the office to participate in Christian prayers in order to enjoy each other’s cooking skills is an uncomfortable experience and promotes a toxic work environment that is not in keeping with our Constitutionally mandated secular governance structure.
Within an hour of emailing Mikey and MRFF, I received a very supportive call from Mikey and an email from Chris Rodda that detailed, with references (AFI 1-1 and the 1974 U.S. Supreme Court case of Parker v Levy) that showed that having a commissioned (REDACTED) officer deliver a sectarian prayer is a violation of regulations and a corruption of good order and discipline. Thanks to Mikey and Chris, I was able to provide this information to my unit’s EEO representative, who in turn has counseled my office’s senior military and civilian leadership on maintaining an inclusive work environment. In the days that followed, Mikey contacted me several times to follow up – a sure sign of dedication to this important cause!
The work that Mikey, Chris, and the rest of the MRFF team perform is crucial to maintaining the wall of separation between our secular governance structures, including our military, and an insidious fundamentalist, evangelical, and dominionist group of religious zealots who would turn us all into sectarian warriors for their particular factionalistic schemes if they could.
I strongly urge anyone who is facing even a hint of religious intrusion in their military work place to contact Mikey and the MRFF to review the situation and work out an appropriate plan of action to address sectarian overreach. If necessary, it’s clear Mikey has no problem calling anyone, up to and including SECDEF to engage on behalf of his clients, be they E-1 through O-10 and civilian equivalents, to defend their rights to an inclusive work place.
Happy Holidays and Best Wishes
(all personal identification REDACTED)

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