MRFF Advisory Board Member John M. Compere’s (Judge and Brigadier General, US Army, Retired) – “ALABAMA’S AWESOME & ADMIRABLE AWAKENING!”


Distinguished Doug Jones’ victory over extinguished Roy Moore for United States Senator ensured Alabama’s membership in 21st Century America. Jones ran a positive campaign representing all Alabama citizens whereas Moore ran a negative campaign representing those who shared his regressive religious beliefs.

Democrat Jones is a 63 year old Birmingham trial lawyer who succeeded in this first run for elective office. He is the former United States Attorney for Alabama who successfully prosecuted Ku Klux Klan racists for their 1963 murder of African-American girls in a church bombing and a religious terrorist for his 1998 attack on an abortion clinic killing a police officer and injuring others.

Republican Moore is a 70 year old Gasden attorney and politician who unsuccessfully ran for office several times before being twice elected to the state judiciary, twice publicly censored and twice removed from office for egregious ethical violations. Moore violated sworn judicial oaths by refusing to (1) follow state and federal law, (2) obey lawful rulings of higher courts and (3) refrain from publicly imposing his private religious beliefs on others. He has also been accused of sexual misconduct by several Alabama women victims when they were underage.

Alabama voters are to be commended for electing a reputable representative who respects and enforces the law instead of a disreputable demagogue who disrespects the law, deliberately violates it, and publicly practices his private religious beliefs on others.

The very definition of a republic is a nation “…of laws and not of men.” – JOHN ADAMS

John Compere

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  1. G

    You think the Alabama voters would have stopped voting for politicians who only care about wealthy people and corporations at the city, county, state, and federal years ago. Instead, they kept voting against their own economic interests and look at how poor their state is.

  2. Dodger Blue

    Dear Mr. Compere, this was purely a staged attack by the left and probably by the Republican Establishment led by the military traitor John McCain. All there was were accusations with no evidence at all. Remember, we are all innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and the last time I checked, the media is no court of law. There is allegations that 25,000 illegals were bused in to vote which of course they have no legal right to.
    I am sure the next election, Jones will not be re-elected. The last thing our Congress needs is an avowed baby killer.

  3. Robin Taylor

    Dodger Blue, have you even considered just how ridiculous your allegation that “25,000 illegals were bused (sic) in to vote…” truly is? How would you manage the logistics of such a number? The average passenger bus carries 44 passengers, but for convenience, let’s round it up to 50 (surely, some of the young girls can sit on the mens’ laps!). So, that’s
    a minimum of 500 buses needed and 500 bus DRIVERS. Then, where are you going to get these “25,00 illegals” FROM? How are you going to organize that many people, get them on the buses, and then pay for the fuel to power those diesel buses? (CNG buses, though used by many transit agencies here in California, and not readily available for rent or purchase to others). How are you going to sneak in 500 busloads of people? Where are you going to park them, and how are you going to disperse them to keep their presence and purpose secret? Alabama has some very restrictive voter identification laws (which are being challenged in court, but are presently still in effect) and is very stingy on the absentee ballots: where are you going to get 25,000 sets of forged identity documents? Alabama does not have day-of-election voter registration: did you plan at least 6 weeks in advance to somehow register all the 25,000 illegals with their forged documents, and avoid the questioning of the Registrars in those counties which just saw a very dramatic increase in their resident population? Contrary to the beliefs of some, there are not 25,000 dead voters in Birmingham–which is one of the overwhelmingly BLUE counties in Alabama. Do you not understand just how absolutely stupid your assertion of 25,000 illegals voting in Alabama on Dec 12 is?

    Just because Roy Moore is making a similar claim does not mean it is a valid one! Moore does indeed have the right to demand a recount, if he gets his request in on time AND posts the bond to PAY the cost of the recount if the original decision is upheld.

    Certainly, Alabama is not known for protecting the rights of all citizens to vote. When I was a child, I remember that my mother was disenfranchised because she refused to pay the Poll Tax; my father was exempted from the Poll Tax because of his military service. I remember first-hand Jeff Sessions arresting and jailing organizers who were registering Black citizens to vote. I remember seeing the pollworkers at the polling place in my Whites-only elementary school refusing to admit Black voters who lived in that precinct, and threatening to call the police if they didn’t leave. When I went to register to vote for the first time myself, I made the mistake of not removing my Star of David necklace, and was told that only “Christian believers are allowed to vote here, and where is your husband anyway. He has to give his permission for you to vote.”

    After I moved into Birmingham was I able to register to vote, and took my children into the booth with me the first time I voted, which was in the Presidential primary. I proudly cast my first vote for Jerry Brown to be the nominee. A few years later I voted to send Ben Erdreich, a Jewish lawyer, to Congress as the Representative of Birmingham,

    Don’t assume that everyone still enduring Alabama is a clone of Roy Moore. The intelligent people have been outnumbered since the Space Program was defunded by a short-sighted Congress, but they are still there. Now you see them again.

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