unhappy new year to Mickey

You are a disgrace to your country Mickey. You do not Make America Great Again.

You and your liberal minions only hate Jesus Christ and Make America Weak s Again.

You are cancer to the soldiers and aid for abet the muslim and N. korean hordes.

Our President Trump will wipe you mrff and mueller off the face of the earth.

 (name withheld)

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1 Comment

  1. Paula George

    Dear (name withheld)–Why is it that you sycophants of drumpf are all functionally illiterate? Oh… there are probably at least three words in that question that you will have to find in a dictionary. In any case, because you accuse “You and your liberal minions” of hating your buddy Jesus, I would guess that you claim to love him and claim to be a christian. That is a bald-faced lie. A creature so filled with hate and fear and anger is no christian. You blaspheme when you use the name of Jesus to defame one of god’s children (yes, I mean Mikey). You should be ashamed of yourself and should be pleading for your god’s forgiveness.

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