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How dare you use a # for Billy Graham.  Billy had more integrity and character in his pinky than you have in your puny little penis.  Burn in hell Mikey and your children too if you will not accept Christ.

(name withheld)





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  1. Mikeys Mouse

    This person does have a point in that Billy Graham was no so called dominionist. He lived a life of great character which cannot be said for Mr. Weinstein. Rev. Graham’s life and ministry touched millions of people in 99 years of life, and Billy now knows the full extent of his ministry as I am sure millions of those who received Christ and were saved through his preaching greeted him in heaven with a big Thank You!

    Rev. Graham had over 2,000 at his funeral which I am sure would have been more if there were no limits on who could attend. Mikey, once he leaves this earth will be lucky to only have a handful attend his funeral because no body wants to attend the funeral of one who is so hateful.

    Rev. Graham deserved the attention that was so humbly thrust on him by our President and to have the honor of being escorted by our fine military, to lie in honor at the capital rotunda and now to have a statue of him placed there in the capital building by the people of North Carolina. What will Mikey do now, contact the governor of North Carolina that if they put a statue of Billy Graham there he will threaten him with a lawsuit???

    The impact of Billy’s life will be felt for years, while MIkey’s will only be a blip in the history books soon to be long forgotten. What is most important is that Billy’s name was found in the Book of Life, will Mikey’s??? I fear not!

  2. G

    Mickey Mouse.

    Do you have any proof that Graham’s name let alone any of us will be found in the Book of Life?

    Sorry, but Graham was not a great character regarding his views on Jews, women, and homosexuals.

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