Commander’s “He Is Risen” Easter Message Stopped

Good Day to the MRFF,

I am a (Protestant denomination withheld) U.S. Army soldier writing on behalf of 10 fellow soldiers in my unit at Fort (name withheld.) We all reached out to the MRFF because of what our (unit name withheld) Commander ordered some of us to do late last week. Please do not release our names or other identification information.
Last week in a regularly scheduled meeting (unit commander’s name and rank withheld) announced that he wanted to send an “Easter Message” to the entire unit which stressed “Christ’s sacrificial Grace in His suffering”. The Roman’s torture of Christ being whipped and then crucified were to be highlighted . Our commander asked us to title his message as “He Is Risen” and have it sent on his behalf in hard copy to all (unit name withheld) soldiers.
We were (curse word withheld) shocked at this! And respectfully tried to tell our (name, rank and title of unit commander withheld) that he could not do this. He seemed even more shocked than we were and asked us “why not?” There were many answers to his question. To start with we told him that not all the soldiers in our unit were Christians. He told us that “that is the point of the message”. We said nothing but he looked surprised. Then he said “ok just send it to the Christians” in our unit. We asked him how we were supposed to find out who was and who wasn’t a Christian. He said “well just ask them all”. We tried to tell him that that was also wrong but he insisted and started to get mad. Then he said to include the”atheists” because they don’t have a faith and “would have no cause to complain.”
(Name and rank of fellow soldier at the meeting withheld) happens to be Jewish. I asked (commander’s name and rank withheld) if he would also issue a message to our unit for Passover which is Friday March 30th. He said no. I asked him why not? He said “because I’m not Jewish that’s why not. I’m Christian.” WTF, how messed up is that? We could not believe this was what he said to do. We were confused and scared at the same time. We thought of some options but none seemed any good to try to stop this.
With no other place to go we reached out to the MRFF for help in this jacked up Easter mess with our commander. Mr. Weinstein took down all of the information and told us we were totally in the right.
Mr. Weinstein made some calls to our commander’s chain of command. We don’t hear anything for a few hours after calling the MRFF. But then (name, rank and title of unit’s senior NCO) came by & told us to “forget about (unit commander’s name and rank withheld) Easter message” as it had just been cancelled. He told us nothing else. Funny because before calling the MRFF we had asked him to help us out here and change (name and rank of unit commander withheld) mind about this. And he told us to do what the commander had said to do and distribute his Easter message.
I and my fellow battle buddies are extremely thankful for the MRFF’s help with this stupid situation. This cancellation of our (unit’s name withheld) commander’s Easter message only happened yesterday and so far no one has seen him. Some of us (me too) are afraid he will be crazy mad and try to take it out on us later on. He knows it was all of us who complained to the MRFF.
If any of that happens we will call the MRFF right away and won’t hesitate like this last time.
Thank you for what you did to help us. And for all you do.

This just shows how pervasive the problem is.  That is ignorance of the law which is never a good excuse. In fact, Jesus in whom the higher ranking officer professed his belief taught us to obey the civil laws and give the tax money to Caesar but our hearts to Him.  This kind of behavior does not bring honor to God nor does it demonstrate obedience to Jesus’ teaching.
Our culture has become tolerant of the narcissistic  “it’s all about ME and I must express MY ideas whenever I can, wherever I choose” attitude.  Are we expecting the people of this attitude to grow up and become responsible citizens without punishment or at the very least reminding them of the law?  Parents of every generation will attest that that response always fails to raise up responsible adults who obey the rules and consider others first.
The soldier’s tone in his/her letter expresses the frustration and disappointment in his/her superiors.  We don’t pay them enough or honor them enough to protect us.  Yet they do.  Thanks for standing in the gap for these men and women to whom we owe so much.
(name withheld)

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  1. MAGAPatriot

    Very interesting that Passover starts on Good Friday as Christ is our Passover Lamb, sacrificed for our sins and the sins of all mankind.

    Christ is Risen, He is Risen indeed!

  2. G

    Well, MP, Christ still has not come back to earth and it has been what 2,000 years since he died.

    So what if he died for our sins? People have continued to sin and really don’t care if they do sin. Maybe they don’t believe there is a god or if there is a god, they figure that God will forgive them and let them into heaven despite all the terrible things they have done to mankind.

  3. Byron Dowd

    For 200 years a company commander could send out an Easter message, now he can’t. Absurd. And the Jewish fellow should have been allowed too. When no one can speak, atheism is speaking and masquerading as nuetral.

  4. Byron Dowd

    For 200 years a company commander could send out an Easter message, now he can’t. Absurd. And the Jewish fellow should have been allowed too. When no one can speak, atheism is speaking and masquerading as nuetral. Happy Resurrection Day, Happy Passover!

  5. G

    How do we know that the military could send out an Easter message for 200 years?

  6. Grey One talks sass

    Byron Dowd,

    You are not correct. At no time in our military was it ever ok for a commander to push their personal faith onto their subordinates. That said, it happened all the time as Christians are known to cross boundaries.

    As marginalized people claimed their Constituional Rights the bully Christians had to share and could no longer claim to be the only source of faith or morality.

    As the forefathers envisioned, faith is a matter for the heart and home. In the public square, in our military, and in the government faith can guide the citizen, but must be kept private and here is why –

    I’m not a Christian. Based on the Christian holy book people like me must be put to death. I take words like that personally. My first instinct is to shoot first as a preemptive strike in defense of my life. Can you see how placing religion first could be problematic?

    To create a civilization that exists in harmony with all of us in the USA we’ve agreed to abide by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Well, most of us agree. Those who disagree are easy to spot. They’re the ones telling everyone else to do as they say and not as they do.

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