Hymn suggestions for the USAFA…

“Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus”

and “His Name is Wonderful”

Christians command and rule in the Military of the United States.

Praise God!

(name withheld)






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  1. Mikeys Mouse

    Amen, I love this hymn suggestion.

    I also like “Soldiers under Command” by Stryper


  2. G

    “Christians command and rule in the Military of the United States.”

    Well, if that happens, then you guys/gals will have to go to God to get healthcare, pensions, weapons, clothing, etc., instead of going to the American people.

  3. Retired Senior Air Force Officer

    Hymn Suggestions for the USAFA (name withheld) suggests that, “Christians command and rule in the Military of the United States.”

    Well, as a retired, Senior Air Force Officer, who served AND commanded, over an honorable and distinguished 27-year career, that is news to me, and leaves me wondering if he knows anything about the U.S. military, to even intelligently discuss its organization and ethos.

    Nowhere, in my Oath of Office, did I swear allegiance to the Christian faith, or as an Atheist, was I required to convert to any faith, as a condition or “test,” to become an Air Force Officer.

    In addition, the United States Constitution, the Code of Federal Regulations, and the regulations, instructions or directives, of all the military services, make it illegal for ANY religion to “command and rule” our military.

    I also suggest “name withheld” access Google, to learn about the United States Air Force, as it appears that knowledge is also severely lacking. The Air Force (and USAFA) already has a song (or hymn). It is called The Air Force Song, by Robert Crawford, and they are not in the market for a new one.

  4. Mikeys Mouse

    Hey Retired Senior AF Officer,
    As an atheist, I hear you have your national holiday coming up, April Fools Day eh!

  5. Grey One talks sass

    MM – isn’t that your holiday too? I mean, as a Dominionist the day your lord and savior ascends is important, correct?

    The thing about swords, they don’t cut only one way.

  6. Mikeys Mouse

    Dear Grey,
    Not all Christians are so called Dominionists nor Fundamentalists. I am an Evangelical Charismatic. Now, if you are referring to those of us who stand firm on the foundations of the faith and sound doctrine of the Jewish apostles and prophets, then yes I am a fundamentalist. The term Domionist is a made up term like Islamaphobe to those who do not believe the way you do.

  7. Mark Sebree


    Apparently, you have not even taken the time to find out what a Dominionist is, but rather went straight to the assumption that it is a slur against some Christians.

    A Dominionist does have a specific meaning that applies to a specific group of far right Christians. They are followers of the far right Christian philosophy of Seven Mountains Dominionism. And yes, if you put that phrase into a search engine, you will get as one of the first hits a website that is run by followers of this philosophy.

    Seven Mountains Dominionism wants to make pretty much all aspects of life, i.e. the “seven mountains”, subject to far right christian rule and law. That includes the government, the military, public schools, business, family, entertainment, and the arts. These areas of life are the “seven mountains”. The short version is that they want to scrap the US Constitution and turn this country into a theonomy or theocracy. Landau Wallace, IIRC, is the main current proponent of this philosophy. They are extremely narrow-minded, bigoted, and hateful.

    The furthest right groups, the ones that are the most hateful, bigoted, and narrow minded, tend to be lead by Evangelical Charismatic leaders. You do not stand on “foundations of faith”, you stand on “foundations” of authoritarianism, ignorance, bigotry, and intolerance for everyone else. You want your religion and denomination to have special privileges, and you cannot accept that everyone and every other religion gets the same rights as you do, and you are not entitled to any special privileges.

  8. Grey One talks sass

    MM – if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck I’m not going to expect zebras.

    Mark Sebree – you nailed the definition of a Dominionist. They really don’t like being labeled as such, do they?

  9. G

    MM, where is your proof that April Fool’s Day is an atheist holiday?

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