Mikey Weinstein is evil

Mikey Weinstein,

My husband is an AF Academy graduate and member of the AF Academy Association of Graduates.

We can’t help but notice how you attacked General Michael Gould the new CEO of the AF Academy Endowment. You did this only because he is principled disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ and proudly wore a symbol of His servant leadership on his necktie. Only an evil hellbound soul could do what you did.

Got Satan Mikey? Because he surely has you.

Your hatred of the Academy and Jesus is of legendary evil and puts a smile on the face of the one you serve, The Dark One.

Why it is that you and your family of Christ haters and your satanic MFRF organization are so hateful towards those who worship the One True God and His Son is beyond me, but you better know one thing for sure.

When your time comes to face Jesus Christ He will not forget your savagery against General Michael Gould and all the rest of your crimes against Christendom. You will burn and rot in hell with those same jews who crucified The Lord Jesus Christ 2000 years ago.

My husband and I may send you a special necktie with just the flames of hell on it.  Good to know where you are going.

You are a disgrace to the AF Academy just as you are the apple of Satan’s eye.

(name withheld)

Response by MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell


Dear (name withheld), or should I say wife (or partner) of an AF Academy graduate and member of the AF Academy Association of Graduates? That’s in case you used a fake address as so many of your co-religionist-bigots tend to do.

Let me begin by saying it’s a pleasant surprise to see that unlike so many of the anti-Semites who write us you spelled almost everything correctly and only had a bit of trouble with the grammar. So clearly you paid some attention in school – or were you perhaps home-schooled?

If I may, though, let me point out a few of the errors in your assault.

Mikey did not comment on General Gould’s adornment “only because he is principled (sic) disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ… ” etc. It was because the “symbol of His servant leadership” necktie he chose to wear was a conscious, self-satisfied statement of his intention to continue his overt Christian proselytizing in his work for the non-profit USAF Academy Endowment.  As a former USAF Academy Superintendent, the new retired Gen. Gould is well aware that such proselytizing while in uniform is a violation of the separation of church and state, the law and specific military regulations. In his new position as chief fundraiser for the U.S. Air Force Academy he is, one might say, choosing to flaunt his disdain at such considerations and his inappropriateness in doing so is obvious to any thinking person, which may exclude him, and you.

So, you see, it’s not because Mikey is “an evil hellbound soul” that he opposes Gen. Gould’s choice of tie while acting as the Academy’s chief fundraiser, it’s because he believes this behavior is inappropriate and the statement he’s choosing to make is damaging to the understanding that the AF Academy is an institution that welcomes women and men of all beliefs, which, if you understand the concept, includes non-belief.

As regards your stunningly stupid and pathetic accusations about Satan, Christ-hating and Jews, I find myself wondering about the degree of self-delusion necessary to justify the conflation of such venomous ugliness with a professed belief in Christ. This is not the result of a small mind, it’s evidence of a sick one.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)





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  1. Mikeys Mouse

    Yes this person did get it right that Mikey Weinstein is evil along with everyone in the world who does not call on the name of Jesus Christ is deemed evil and lost according to scripture. Scripture says that we are all enemies of God until we accept Christ as Lord and Savior. So all those “so called Christians”, Muslims, Catholics, Jews who follow Mikey and the MRFF are all evil if they are not following Christ. And yes, if they die without Christ, then yes they will experience the flames of hell forever and forever and forever with no end.

  2. Grey One talks sass

    MM – unless you can provide facts, provable facts, your rant about hell and flames is opinion only.

    – Your insistence that everyone worship exactly as you do means you support a theocracy, something the USA is not.
    – The fact you want the USA to turn into a theocracy means you fulfill the definition of a Seven Mountains Dominionist.

    Got facts MM? Because I know all you have is opinion, nothing more.

  3. Marshalldoc

    One has to worry about the mental status of folks like “Mikeys Mouse” & the person who posted the lead comment (‘Mikey Weinstein Is Evil’) who appear to take so much pleasure in the supposed eternal suffering of a human soul (that’s presuming such a thing as a ‘soul’ actually exists and that their entire worldview, constructed on the hallucinatory visions of ancient people constrained by myth & superstition, have any substantive relation to reality). Their comments remind me of the kind of writing found on social media posts of those tortured souls who go on to commit mass killings of innocents because their worldview somehow demands it. But, sadly, their delusional insistence on the reality of their fantasies prevents them from seeking the help they so evidently need. More to be pitied than censored unless, of course, they take up arms in the name of their Lard.

  4. G


    Yeah I wonder why kind of religious training these people got when they went religious schools from elementary school all the way to a religious college/university? What a waste of trying to teach these people to love thy fellow human beings.

  5. Issy

    Isn’t advocating for the overthrow of our government considered treason? Even if the zealots think they’re right and convince some others as well, doesn’t mean they get to force their extremism on anyone else. I worry for my country and the world. Forcing religion has never worked, why would they think it will now??

  6. Jerry Salem

    I do love reading the pro-Mikey, anti-Christian, tortured souls comments and the slam dunk of all those who oppose the MRFF’s efforts …. great comedy act.

    “It is imperative that First Baptist Dallas be stopped from associating Robert Jeffress’ divisive, prejudiced, and bigoted version of fundamentalist Christian supremacy, domination and exclusivity directly with the U.S. Armed Forces,” Weinstein wrote.

    Truly amazing how a person can be so afraid of God. LOL

    Keep up the demented drive and message Mikey. Very funny. Hilarious man.

  7. Charles Gibson

    What exactly is Mikey afraid of?

    I watch Mikey… from a distance… astonished at the energy… the vehemence he uses to force his way on people. Quite the proselytizer.

    Constantly trying to change minds, change people’s practices.

    But he’s not alone.

    Looks like to me there are plenty of people trying to force their opinions and ways on others.
    So I guess we’re all guilty of abuse. Even me right now.

    Any effort to change someone’s mind from your way to my way is, by definition, proselytizing.
    Don’t believe it? Look up the definition(s).

    This thread and just about every political thread on the internet is that. Attempts at proselytizing. Converting others to our way of thinking.

    Look, I’m even doing it now! Better go hide!
    You’re in grave danger of being exposed to ideas other than your own!

    Generally, Christians, like myself would prefer to enjoy living out our lives, peacefully, in a manner that pleases God. Part of that is sharing his Word which is ironically a message of love.

    But we don’t kid ourselves. People are gonna hate. That’s not likely to change.
    We believe we know why that is, but it’s pointless to even explain that, as it just invites further hate speech.

    So you tell me.
    What is the reason you’re so adamant about trying to convince us Christians that we’re wrong, and that we should basically, “shut up”?
    What “truth” are you operating from?
    What gives you the marching orders to take on that cause?

    Oh, you do it just because you choose to. Based on what YOU believe. 🙂
    I see.

    Just wondered, as I find it amusing the angst that others go through as we Christians express our ideas, as though we are doing something no one else does.

    …and when our beliefs and words are perceived as hateful…
    well, just know we perceive your words, leveled against us equally so.

    At least that puts us on even ground.

  8. Janet

    Mike Weinstein’s vendetta against those who identify as followers of Christ is illogical. Needless to say someone needs to get him some help. Like a therapist or exorcism. It isn’t healthy to harbor such hate.

  9. Major Scott

    Freedom of religion means my freedom from your religion. Maybe I am a Christian and maybe I practice a different religion or none whatsoever. The founders had enough common sense to recognize that freedom is not merely extended to expression, but also from molestation. Why are there so many people affiliated with so many religions who deem it absolutely necessary to engage in behaviors clearly geared toward recruitment and consequent rejection of alternative modes of worship? If I am attending a military function or even standing in formation, it is not anyone’s place to thrust their religious convictions at me. This is in accordance with both the 1st amendment and also respect for one’s personal sovereignty.

  10. Peter Levin

    Thank you for standing up for Jews. We don’t believe Yeshua ben Yosef is G-d, nor do we believe G-d would endorse let alone participate in a human sacrifice. Christians believe Jews without Jewish “Jesus” will be tortured in a place called “Hell” forever. You would think Adolf Hitler tortured Jews enough already… Now G-d his going to torture them? You wonder why Jews don’t want Saul of Tarsus, the inventor of Christianity, to have the final word? Yeshua (Jesus) was a Jew who followed Torah, including the Ten Commandments. Christianity is a pagan religion has to convert others to boost their own confidence in their saved by grace doctrine. America hates the Ten Commandments and has lost its way…

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