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Dear MRFF,

I want to add my voice to the growing chorus of graduates that find LtGen Gould’s Academy Endowment introduction photo in the AOG Checkpoints magazine, to be gross poor judgment.  If anybody should know better it should be him.  He is no stranger to controversy when it comes to getting in hot water for violations of Air Force policy and more importantly violating the establishment clause of the 1st Amendment to the Constitution.

I can assure you he has been exercising inappropriate influence over subordinates years before he became superintendent.  I personally witnessed his heavy-handed pressure on people that were not in a position to risk saying no to him.  I spoke with fellow officers, who rolled their eyes and passively feigned interest in the religious things that Gould was pushing them towards, so as not to curry his disfavor and retribution come time for advancement and promotion.  Like myself, most of these officers were of different Christian affiliations yet even they noticed the impropriety.

While Gould is a civilian now, he heads a foundation that aims …”to be the preeminent organization for the development and abiding stewardship of major gifts to the United States Air Force Academy.”  In his first act, he flips the middle finger to all would be gift givers that do not happen to share his Dominionist Christian worldview that he thinks entitles him to weaponize his faith and brandish it in his new position that demands the widest appeal instead of one with such narrow allegiance and exclusion.  The structure of the USAFA Endowment is such that donors are assured that their gifts will be stewarded carefully and consistently over time.  By demonstrating where his preeminent loyalty resides with his sophomoric display and wearing the tacky red Christian fish tie for his Checkpoints debut photo, he has dashed any confidence in his ability to steward carefully and consistently over time.  The A.O.G. should not allow Gould to remain at the Endowment.

Name and rank withheld

Retired AF Officer and AOG Member







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  1. Mikeys Mouse

    The key word here is civilian, so he can do whatever he wants to do. Can a retired general wear a cross on his civilian suit lapel? The answer is yes.

    Let me ask, would you be just as upset if he wore a tie with the Star of David on it instead of fishes?

    Sir, you just need to pull up your big girl panties and get over it.

  2. G

    “The key word here is civilian, so he can do whatever he wants to do. Can a retired general wear a cross on his civilian suit lapel? The answer is yes.”

    You have any legal basis to back that up, MM?

  3. Mikeys Mouse

    Hey G,

    Yes, it is called Freedom of Religion! Maybe you heard of it eh?!

  4. Retired Senior Air Force Officer

    Hey Mikeys Mouse.

    Maybe you’ve heard of Parker v. Levy (1974), eh?!

    Lieutenant General Gould collects money for and, de-facto, represents the USAFA, a military and therefore a government organization. He has to play by the same First Amendment restrictions, to some “religious freedoms” that the military members must play by.

    Perhaps you also know that civilians work for the Federal government too and must follow similar rules, which limit some of their First Amendment rights? No? I direct you to the Code of Federal Regulations then, to learn

  5. Mikeys Mouse

    Dear Retired Senior AF Officer,
    A civilian is not bound to Parker v Levy as that court decision applies to those who are in the military and bound to the UCMJ. A civilian is not bound to the UCMJ.

  6. G

    Hey, MM. Where is your legal basis? Put up or shut up.

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