Why are you so hateful?

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Regarding where you went after an innocent military surgeon only because he wanted the patient’s family to pray with him for the blessings of Jesus.
Who do you think you are anyway Michael Weinstein? You are just one little jew.

You may be a jew but that doesn’t mean you have the right to attack Christians as you do.
Why is it the jews always target innocent Christians?

What has Jesus ever done to you anyway to make you so vicious and hateful?
Take Jesus away from our military and we’re no better than those Russian military.

I wish you pain and agony in this life and then the Lake of Fire for eternal.

(name withheld)

Response by MRFF Advisory Board Member, Quentin D Collins, US Army Chaplain (Colonel-Retired)

Mr (name withheld) (if this is a real name and email – which is doubtful):
Your email to Mr Weinstein was somewhat ill informed and harsh without reason.  You see Mikey only engaged due to a complaint from a person involved and the Surgeon was way out of place.  You see I served almost 33 years with the last 17 as a Chaplain in the United States Air Force and The United States Army.  Having spent numerous visits and an occasional tour into our military hospitals and I can assure you that this Surgeon was very wrong.  My question to you is simply this, would you be as offended if a Muslim Doctor came out and prayed with the family?  Or how about a Wiccan, or Buddhist, the list could be endless?  Would you feel that Mikey should “burn” if the role were reversed and it was a Jewish Doctor offering a prayer?  You see as a Chaplain I learned very quickly that we have myriads of beliefs and non-beliefs in the military and so I took to heart the directive to either perform or provide services.  This Surgeon was to provide a service (surgery) and if he had a strong Christian belief nothing in the world would prevent him from praying before providing said “service”.  However, he crossed the line – without the affected members permission – and demanded that all pray.  Even as a Chaplain I could not demand everyone to pray even when I became a Colonel.  So the Surgeon was not innocent!  He was guilty of pressing his beliefs on someone who neither wanted the prayer or asked for it.  
Please peruse your facts next time you go into a fray, as you may come out looking a whole lot less foolish.  As you showed your conclusion leaving a hanging adjective – eternal (sic) what?  I hope this email reaches you; but, you and the thousands of cowards never let us address you personally.  
Quentin D Collins, US Army Chaplain (Colonel-Retired)
MRFF National Advisory Member

 Response by MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell

Hi (name withheld),

May I assume “crossboaster” means what it suggests? If so, you might want to reconsider your
slimy antisemitism. After all Jesus was a Jew. Or didn’t you know that?

You apparently don’t fully comprehend the issue about which you chose to launch your small-minded attack.

No one here cares what religion the surgeon in question identifies with. What is objectionable is that
he used a form of emotional coercion to dragoon a family that was deeply concerned about the
danger facing their loved one at the moment into joining him in a religious act that had nothing to do
with the medical task he was about to perform. If he believed in praying for God’s help before he does
a surgery, that’s fine. He has every right to pray. What he does not have the right to do is put a
terrified family in the position of feeling that they are required to join him in prayer, with the unstated
but clearly intended inference that if they don’t do so things may not go as they would hope.

Though you may, given your tunnel vision, have missed noting it, the family in question is Christian.
But they are Christian in the true sense, the kind that understands that garish public displays of religiosity
offended Jesus. They also understood that if this surgeon put a family that was not Christian in the position
he put them it would have been not only humiliating but deeply wounding no matter what their belief.

So a surgeon who may himself be a “crossboaster” acted in an inappropriate, offensive and utterly
unnecessary manner, just as you have in writing this stupid and unChristian attack on someone you
don’t know. And you, having chosen to double down on his graceless act, have sullied the name of
Jesus by acting in a manner that brings shame to his name.

Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)


Mike: Mikey is indeed blessed to have you as a board member-someone who so articulately defends him and MRFF’s work. Thank you for writing this thoughtful response.

When I read hateful emails like this one, I sometimes find it hard to believe those who write them have any idea how Jesus lived, and what he preached and stood for. It is truly appalling these people call themselves Christians, and what is even worse is that many of our fellow Americans consider them, and their views, to be the true representatives of our faith. Keep up the good work
Tom Carpenter
Co-chair Forum on the Military Chaplaincy







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