LA Times Covers MRFF-Reprints “Navy Probes Bible Placement in Military Display at Okinawa Hospital”

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  1. James Owens

    Is this really all you have to do? You are the minority, vast majority of Americans identify as Christian, so you are spitting in our face, especially the ones that fought and died for religious FREEDOM. I’m sure you think you are doing something productive, but it is destructive to America.

  2. Grey One talks sass


    You believe defending the Constitution and Bill of Rights is not an honorable endeavor? I ask because the intent in your comment is clear – Christians are the majority so the rest of the tax paying Americans who aren’t Christian should just shut it.

    Wow! The hubris of you!

    Like all citizens of the USA I expect my rights to be honored but that’s spitting in your face? Seriously, if you were a math equation you just told the rest of the country to divide by zero.

    Grey One

    PS – I don’t write this for you James. There is no reasoning with a person who gladly steps on others rights. I write this because to remain silent is to agree to the evil people like James do in the world.

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