MRFF Senior Research Director, Chris Rodda, Dismantles First Liberty Institute’s Op-Ed

Finest response I’ve seen in decades.  C. Rodda delivers it solid to the gut with:

The original POW/MIA table items did not include a Bible. And neither does the American Legion’s version. The American Legion, which adopted a resolution in 1985 calling for a POW/MIA table at all of its official meetings, includes in its official Chaplain’s Manual a list of the items to be included on the table and a script explaining the meaning of each item. The Bible is not included among the items.
The “old school” guys had it right.  They say – Let’s not make it the point to convert you to baby jesus:  let’s honor all of us.  
To call the Bible on the table a “Tarantula on a Wedding Cake”  is an insult to the entire arachnid lobby and certainly the wedding cake industry, which may deserve insults for a different reason, so I consider it instead “an offense of biblical proportions”.   Most of these guys in the American Legion probably profess some belief in god, but most of them also realize the god idea has tremendous limitations and it’s  not right to push it on someone, especially someone who makes the same or greater sacrifice.  I imagine some of them are embarrassed by putting the bible there and would be happy if it just went away.  If someone wants a bible they can keep it in their pocket, putting it on a table is just going to start something and if they don’t want an argument they’ll lose, they need to keep that shit to themselves.  My personal experience is most folks are tolerant of other religions to include atheists and it is only a very vocal few who insist on making an issue of it.  Every decent commander I had was very low key on religion and a few actually liked having some jews, buddhists, and atheists around, especially when trying to put the schedule together for Easter and Christmas.  I liked working shifts on Easter and Christmas, it was the least I could do for my buddies.
What would you prefer, if you are a in a troops in contact situation, a prayer from an evangelical chaplin, or a quick response to a request for immediate air support.  Here’s an unlikely headline:  “Air Force to fill in the blank by Holding a Day of Prayer.”  Possible choices are, reduce pilot attrition, increase F-35 sortie rate, meet recruiting goals.   I could go on and on of course, but won’t out of respect.
(name withheld)

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  1. Calif Anon

    Chris Rodda could not dismantle a kitchen sink let alone an op ed by First Liberty Institute. She cannot even get her facts straight or her history correct.

    Hey here some history you should check out, who was the very first speaker of the House of Representatives and what was his profession?

  2. Grey One talks sass

    Calif Anon – you criticize Chris Rodda without offering a shred of proof as to where she got her facts wrong.

    Typical theocrat and patriarch (but I repeat myself). You can’t outline why you disagree with her so you slam her with insults. Classy.

    No wonder extreme Christians are losing so many parishioners; their inability to back up their position with anything but “because I said so”. That excuse was old when I was a child.

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