Western Journal Covers MRFF – Christian Sailors Called ‘Extremists’ for Leaving Bible, Placard Near POW Display

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  1. Grey One talks sass

    Christian priveledge is on display in the articles’ comment section along with ignorance proudly stated as fact, like the USA was founded as a Christian nation. No, the USA is a secular nation where many Christians happen to live.

    Priveledge and ignorance weren’t the only traits I found. Malice certainly twisted some commentors brains as the vitriol aimed at Mikey and the MRFF should have engulfed them in flame six times a week.

    I honor their efforts battling theocrats. Anyone who believes religion does no harm has never had to cross it’s followers.

  2. G

    Sad, that the Navy did not learn anything from the Bible incident at the VA a year or two ago.

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