5/23/18 – Mikey Eviscerates Liberty University’s Endgame Goal: A Hostile Takeover of the U.S. Military by Lunatic Fundamentalist Christians!

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1 Comment

  1. jimbo

    I donated to Mikey’s cause for years, and wrote many a comment to his site. Those comments had one subject, that which Mikey is complaining about now, the christian supremacists, or dominioniists. Eventually I wasn’t tolerated any more, and disallowed from commenting by his moderator. I want to tell you, Mikey, I have continued to speak out on Facebook, basically pushing back very visibly for what Facebook now admits, false information and processes that had an effect on our election process. But now I am be retaliated for my activism, I’m try to push back at the criminal actions being taken against me by agents within law enforcement, especially in this case the California Highway Patrol. I am a whistle blower, I was pushing back against Facebook for years, and I am paying the price. There are a lot of details ignored in my claims; I need help.

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