5/24/18 MRFF Statement: “Jewish WIMPS Board”

MRFF Statement | May 24, 2018

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) has for many years observed the cowardly and non-confrontational behavior of the so-called “Jewish Welfare Board” (JWB) from the perspective of the JWB’s alarmingly epic failure to assist Jewish armed service members in matters of brutal, anti-semitic bigotry and pernicious church-state separation battles. The JWB’s repulsive actions in totally failing to oppose the bullying levied upon MRFF’s Jewish clients at Fort Campbell predictably aided and abetted in the facilitation of anti-Jewish, prejudice-spewing by the religious extremists in the chaplaincy at Fort Campbell. Sadly, JWB’s craven failure to stand and fight for the victims of bigotry at Fort Campbell may be tragic but it is hardly surprising.

Indeed, it is MRFF’s opinion that the JWB can best be described as spineless, lickspittle, obsequious sycophants obediently yielding to the antisemitic orders of their fundamentalist Christian military chaplain overlords. In the constant, ongoing daily battle against this fundamentalist, Christian religious extremism in the U.S. military, the JWB has simply been dishonorably MIA.

Therefore, “JWB” has ignominiously earned from MRFF the title of “Jewish Wimps Board”.

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  1. Calif Anon

    Having volunteers “fired” or let go does not count towards bigotry or anti-Semitism. Mikey again loves to blow things out of proportion. So if a Jewish chaplain or Muslim chaplain fired a Christian volunteer would that also be considered bigotry or anti-Christian? I am sure if a Muslim volunteer was fired by either a Christian or Jewish chaplain they would be cry Islamaphobia and Mikey would be right there defending the Muslim.

  2. G

    Calif Anon, when an organization like the JWB is unable or unwilling to do its job, then what is the purpose of having an organization in the first place?

  3. Grey One talks sass

    Calif Anon doesn’t understand – Mikey will always defend the rights of anyone who is being squashed no matter which faiths were involved.

    It is clear to me that Christian Nationalists (aka Dominionists) feel they are being persecuted when in fact they are being resisted as bullies. Of course Calif Anon would deny my claim as it doesn’t fit with their narrative. Of course Christian Nationalists are suffering the agonies of Christ for having to treat (shudder) “Others” as equals. Just read the RW blogs and you’ll find out they Never Shut Up about the subject.

    Fortunately those of us who still reside in reality can see those who spew bigotry and hate (like Calif Anon) as democracy destroying zombies. Who knew the apocalypse would be happening now?

    Sooo – if the zombie apocalypse is really a happening thing does that mean I get approval for the grenade launcher on the GrannyMobile?

  4. So someone is going around trying to stick other peoples noses into others businesses. ?

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