5/7/18 – MRFF’s letter to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos: a principled DEFENSE of RIVAL organization, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF)’s right to participate once again in Amazon Smile program.

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  1. Grey One talks sass

    With respect, MRFF and Mikey, I vehemently disagree with your defense of the ADF. You may have met fine individuals filled with the best qualities but as a whole the ADF is all about pushing extremist Christian views and lying to the public.

    Why tell the truth about the LGBTQA community when lies will do?

    The ADF has pushed to keep homosexuality illegal not only here in the USA but around the globe too. They continually conflate pedophilia with homosexuality, they cite thoroughly debunked studies to undermine LGBTQA rights, and use ‘Gay Agenda’ propaganda to spread their fear and hate.

    I get supporting the person but as an organization I’m convinced Amazon had the correct idea in banning the ADF from their Smiles program.

    ****I don’t have to be tolerant of another’s intolerance. That path leads only to my demise.

  2. Calif Anon

    Well Grey One, every party has a pooper that is why we invited you, party pooper!

    I applaud Mikey for his comments about Alliance Defending Freedom but for those who were supporting ADF, they can now switch their support on Amazon Smiles to the American Center for Law and Justice.

  3. Grey One talks sass

    I know Calif Anon, I’m such a drag insisting on facts and logic.

    ADF & ACJL are two peas in a pod; hypocritical organizations who hide behind words like Religious Freedom in order to push their extreme theocratic view on the USA. Instead of facts both organizations prefer to use lies and propaganda against the LGBTQA community. If they will do that to the most marginalized in the name of their religion what else will they do?

    Wait, I’d rather not find out as their track records speaks for itself.

    Lies in the name of religion are still lies. Besides, isn’t bearing falsehoods mentioned in those big tablets containing 10 simple rules for success? Or will a Dominionist tell me I’ve forgotten ‘context’: it’s ok to lie if the lie is told to a sinner.

  4. Calif Anon

    Well Grey One we do know that you and Mikey have one thing in common, you are both pathological liars and we all know where liars go who do not know Christ when they die don’t we?

    The ADF and ACLJ have a greater grasp of what religious freedom means than Mikey does, his view of religious freedom is actually religious bondage.

  5. Grey One talks sass

    CA – you claim I’m a pathological liar yet provide no proof.

    You should be in the movie business CA, you’re a fabulous projector.

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