NEW John Compere, MRFF Advisory Board, Article – “Politics & Religion – An Unholy Alliance”



45th President Donald “Make Me Great Again” Trump is arguably the least religious, least moral and least monogamous president in our nation’s history. This raises the question of why he is so revered by the religious right who previously and piously preached moral values. It is revealing how strangely silent they are about those values now.

These radical religionists obviously value political ideology more than religious ideology. In other words, their partisan politics trump their fundamentalist faith (no pun intended).  

This unholy alliance represents the height of human hypocrisy. They presume the pernicious president will further their sectarian scheme to publicly force their private religious beliefs on Americans in violation of the United States Constitution. They have no respect for our secular founding, secular constitution, secular government or the majority of Americans who do not share their regressive religious beliefs.  

A focus on the family ironically reveals Mrs. Clinton #1 and Mrs. Trump #3 have much in common. In addition to being First Ladies, both are married to chauvinist adulterers, draft dodgers and public liars.

Concerned Americans can only hope our constitutional republic endures, this pompous president stops playing with his tweeter and starts competently governing our diverse nation, and the classless cursing, nasty name-calling and crass chaos ceases.


“How many times can a man turn his head

and pretend that he just doesn’t see?

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind,

the answer is blowing in the wind.” – BOB DYLAN (American singer-songwriter & Nobel Laureate)

John Compere


Brigadier General, US Army (Retired), Disabled American Veteran (Vietnam) & Texas rancher



*Digital Reprint of Abilene-Reporter News commentary



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  1. Calif Anon

    Ah yes, the general hear shows the great hypocrisy of the left. I am glad he mentioned about Bill Clinton. While Trump may have been married three times, at least he did not get a blow job in the oval office or rape 3 or 4 women and then bought them off. Also, at least Trump’s wife is not a pedophile, global sex trafficker, belongs to a witches coven (we still burn witches right?) and involved in Satanic ritual abuse and cannibalism.

    Also, Trump has also accomplished more in the last 18 months than Clinton, Bush and Obama combined when they were president.

  2. G

    “Also, at least Trump’s wife is not a pedophile, global sex trafficker, belongs to a witches coven (we still burn witches right?) and involved in Satanic ritual abuse and cannibalism.”

    So where is your proof that the Obama and his wife were doing all of this?

    Sorry, but Trump did buy a woman off after having an affair, and you have guys like Newt Gingrich having doing blow jobs with his female staffers. There was Governor Mark Sanford having an affair in South America. You had many conservative guys committing rape in the military when though some of them were married.

  3. Grey One talks sass

    Ah G – you know Calif Anon is a fact free zone which uses words in a manner not intended by intelligent beings.

    For example, CA says John Compere is a hypocrite but does not provide any examples beyond the “Oh yeah, Bill Clinton wink wink nudge nudge say no more Say. No. More”. Here’s a spoiler alert CA – when The Left (more like the center now) condemned Pres Clinton for his misadventures while in office it is not hypocrisy for that same Left to point out when another gets a free pass.

    Hypocrisy is not pointing out BOTH SIDES DO IT. Hypocrisy is condemning one example and excusing another which Calif Anon does all the time. Dictionaries are our friends.

    Shout out to Calif Anon – I’m still allowed to walk and talk while being a Witch (Woman In Total Control of Herself). Come at me with your burning torch and my ‘concealed carry’ will become your ‘up close and personal’. Or we could just toss you to the lions. That joke never gets old – amirite?

  4. Calif Anon

    I was not referring to Michael (Michelle) Obama, I was referring to Hillary Clinton, the queen of the Clinton Crime Syndicate.

  5. G

    Calif Anon, why didn’t you make that clear? Yeah, and the Bush family and Dick Cheney are the kings of their own crime syndicate with the way they got us into Iraq twice, so what is your point?

  6. Grey One talks sass

    I love the name The Clinton Crime Syndicate. It sounds so ominous.

    Sooo – what crime have they been charged with? Where are the indictments? The Republican party has had over thirty years to find SOMETHING… so where is it?

    Provide evidence Calif Anon or accept that every time you throw shade towards the Clintons (and others innocent of any wrongdoing except, well, breathing) it will only reflect back on yourself.

  7. .
    The only problem that Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama have, is that they or their administrations have lied numerous times under oath.

    The Liberal Democrat Party is a total lie based organization based on mostly lies that the media ignore, why attempting to invent problems for the Republicans, the media do nothing but go in circles,. As the media pretends that their supporters are following something pertaining to reality.

  8. Grey One talks sass

    Like every Trumpster goSUPPORTHEUSA (shouldn’t that be goSUPPORTTHEUSA?) provides opinion and no evidence. Their idea that the media is in the power of liberals is laughable at best.

    As I was told in grade school when learning complex mathematical problems, show your work or you don’t get the grade.

    Prove yourself goSUPPORT_HEUSA. Show us the lies. Perjury (lying under oath) is a Federal Offense. You should have some evidence. Bring it.

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