stiff necked jews at Fort Campbell

Micheal Weinstein your little plan to cause trouble for the spirit filled followers of Christ Jesus at Fort Campbell will fail.

Christ Jesus in Acts branded jews a stiff necks people and your neck ‘Mr. jewgooder” is the stiffest of all hellbound jews.

The jews at Fort Campbell don’t need new leader.

They already have a new leader. It is Christ Jesus! Halleluyah and Huzzah! His Army is America’s army.

They jews don’t need no leader other than the only True Son of Man. (John 14:6)

Stiff neck jews like you and that Mize lady deserve our pity but that is all.

(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member, Mike Farrell

You poor, pathetic fake Christian. It’s not spirit that fills you and your fellow followers, it’s dread.

You are clearly too ignorant to recognize the difference between devotion and revulsion, which

is what any genuine Christian feels when exposed to the moronic drivel being spewed by fear-filled

bigots like you. Those of you who have the audacity to claim to follow Jesus and use the pretense

of faith in order to justify the hatred and panic that fills your perverted hearts are beneath contempt.

If you had the brains to comprehend the hypocrisy of your words you’d be on your knees begging

forgiveness instead of wasting your breath and our time.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)



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  1. Convivencia

    To name withheld: Patriotism involves learning. Following any particular religion involves learning. This documentary covers the European theater and the Pacific theater. Hope you can get access to this. Christianity is honored openly in this as well.


    Special | 1h 24m 41s

  2. G

    “Christ Jesus in Acts branded jews a stiff necks people and your neck ‘Mr. jewgooder” is the stiffest of all hellbound jews.”

    Sometimes I wonder if Christ was referring to Christians as being still neck considering the fact how the Christians have thrown away the 10 Commandments time and time again and go about wrecking God’s world?

  3. G

    If God thought that the Jews were still neck, then why does he tolerate them let alone help them to leave Egypt?

  4. Convivencia

    To “name withheld” and “G” – In keeping with the purpose of MRFF and our constitution, Mr. Weinstein represents military clients who have been subjected to illegal acts committed by the military upon them – namely protecting all clients from the religious pressures foisted upon them by commission and omission. Once a person enters public service, one’s loyalty to country comes first and foremost by law. Anyone who is offended by that need not sign up for public/government service.

  5. G

    Convivencia, I know what is the purpose of the MRFF as you pointed out. My remarks were directed at the person named “name withheld”

  6. Convivencia

    I apologize, G,.I think ALL extremists have thrown away the Commandments time and time again and go about wrecking G-d’s world. Some of the people who do this think they are entitled to make the Second Coming arrive faster. I’m no theologian but here are some links but I think offer a few explanations for some people who throw away G-d’s Commandments:
    “…These statistics are puzzling at first. Opposing abortion and stem-cell research is consistent with the religious right’s belief that life begins at the moment of conception. Opposing gay marriage is consistent with its claim that homosexual activity is proscribed by the Bible. Both beliefs are a familiar staple of today’s political discourse. But a scripture-based justification for anti-environmentalism?*

    Many Christian fundamentalists feel that concern for the future of our planet is irrelevant, because it has no future. They believe we are living in the End Time, when the son of God will return, the righteous will enter heaven, and sinners will be condemned to eternal hellfire. They may also believe, along with millions of other Christian fundamentalists, that environmental destruction is not only to be disregarded but actually welcomed — even hastened — as a sign of the coming Apocalypse.” “…
    We are not talking about a handful of fringe lawmakers who hold or are beholden to these beliefs. The 231 legislators (all but five of them Republicans) who received an average 80 percent approval rating or higher from the leading religious-right organizations make up more than 40 percent of the U.S. Congress. (The only Democrat to score 100 percent with the Christian Coalition was Sen. Zell Miller of Georgia, who earlier this year quoted from the Book of Amos on the Senate floor: “The days will come, sayeth the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the land. Not a famine of bread or of thirst for water, but of hearing the word of the Lord!”) These politicians include some of the most powerful figures in the U.S. government, as well as key environmental decision makers:…”
    The most prominent example of doomsday cult is various Christian churches and organisations who have been predicting the end of the world[32][better source needed][33] or doomsday which is based on biblical verses.[34][35][36] Some of the major doomsday events in Christian mythology are: End time, Second Coming, Last Judgment, Great Tribulation, Rapture among others. However the various sects of Christianity vary widely in their interpretations and importance given to these elements in day-to-day practice; Christian doomsday cults such as the Branch Davidians usually place a very strong emphasis on the imminence of the Apocalypse and the personal importance of cult members to its initiation or course, with their interpretations of the Book of Revelation typically differing strongly or being completely different to that of mainstream branches of Christianity.

  7. Convivencia

    Additionally, because profiteers destroy the environment I believe they also don’t think twice about ignoring primary and secondary survival needs of people. The profiteers welcome suffering because THEY are following their own commandments.

  8. G

    “I apologize, G”

    Convivencia, I should have started my remarks with “@ “name withheld” first so I owe you an apology.

  9. G

    “Additionally, because profiteers destroy the environment I believe they also don’t think twice about ignoring primary and secondary survival needs of people. The profiteers welcome suffering because THEY are following their own commandments.”

    Convivenica, even if many of these profiteers if they believe in God probably think that once they go to heaven and meet God, they think that if they repent and accept God in their lives, then they believe that God will forgive them of their sins despite the fact that they commit terrible things against their fellow human beings.

  10. Calif Anon

    Hey G,
    You would be right, if we confess out sins then Christ will forgive us of our sins no matter how grievous they maybe, but there still may be consequences for our sins legally or otherwise.
    If Hitler had truly confessed and repented of sins after killing 6 million Jews, Christ blood is still powerful enough to forgive him and cleanse him of his sins.

  11. G

    Calif Anon, what kind of consequences would be there for our sins if we repent and confess our sins? Far as I am concern what good there is in being a person who spends a lifetime being a good person while seeing bad persons getting away with stuff and then all of a sudden the bad people repent and are forgiven? It makes a mockery of any kind of justice including God. If this is God’s justice, I am not impressed and I would not want to be in his Kingdom with those people.

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