6/15/18 – Featured Email From Recent U.S. Navy Christian Chaplain! – “Crucial Impact of MRFF”

From: Former Recent U.S. Navy Christian Chaplain’s E-Mail Address Withheld
Subject: Crucial Impact of MRFF
Date: June 15, 2018
To: Mikey Weinstein
I was aware of Mikey Weinstein’s work and the work of MRFF before I joined the Navy as a Christian chaplain, but I was surprised first and then impressed by how many military chaplains were also aware. Unlike me, who thinks the work of MRFF is critically important to the integrity of military chaplaincy, many of my colleagues were terribly afraid. They felt profoundly threatened by the power and success of MRFF’s work. Ultimately, these chaplains are scared because they think a win for MRFF and the tens of thousands of service members represented by them, is a loss for them. “Mikey” was a four letter word.
For those of us who care about the men and women serving our nation, and believe they deserve to be treated with dignity and justice, we are facing a deeply entrenched system of fundamentalist Christianity that funds the interlocking cruelties homophobia, trans-phobia, misogyny, Islamophobia, antisemitism, and Christian-supremacy. These forms of bigotry betray unit cohesion, compromise mission readiness, and preclude chaplains fulfilling their job description. This is not about political positions or theological commitments; it’s about good order and discipline. MRFF’s work is crucial to the strength and well-being of our military service members and the operations our nation’s military at-large.
Rev. Dr. (name redacted), PhD
(Faculty Title Withheld) Professor of (Theological Seminary Discipline Withheld)
(Name of renown, prestigious Theological Seminary withheld)
(Address of renown, prestigious Theological Seminary withheld)

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  1. Calif Anon

    Time to track down this liberal “Christian” former chaplain now seminary professor and give him a verbal exhortation.

  2. Paula

    “exhortation. noun. the act or process of exhorting. a speech or written passage intended to persuade, inspire, or encourage.”

    Yes, he should be encouraged!!!! Excellent!!!

  3. DC Hinckley

    Why would you share a page with the thought of some one so afraid to have their name attached to their work. You write it, you own it. Either proclaim it boldly or shut up you coward.

  4. I have a good friend who was an Army Reserve Chaplain and he expressed many of the same thoughts of this Chaplain. It is good that there are men of honor like these, who advocate for the men in uniform to have their freedom or religion or freedom from religion. The very fact that the MRFF is so hated by these others, is proof that it is very much needed. Keep up the good work, Mikey et al!

  5. Calif Anon

    I would agree with DC Hinckley, be a man and not a coward and sight your name and what seminary you teach at, if this person is really a person and not a fake person MRFF wants to promote.

  6. Mark Sebree

    Calif Anon,

    (An obviously fake name from someone decrying names being withheld) The reason that the MRFF scrubs most of the identifying information about the people who write them letters from the letters is to prevent recrimination, retaliation, harassment, and retribution against the people who are pointing out the excesses and harassment of mostly evangelical “Christians” like you against everyone else. You even stated in your first post that you wanted to harass the letter writer, and then you wonder why his or her information is not published. You yourself demonstrated that reason.

  7. JLBearden

    To some, “Mikey” is a four-letter word! Ha!

  8. Tom O

    If CalifAnon was able to communicate with this chaplain, what would he say to “exhort” him?

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