FEATURED HATEMAIL: Re: Letter to First Baptist Dallas “Freedom Sunday”

From: [withheld]
Date: June 21, 2018
To: Mikey Weinstein
Subject: Re: Letter to First Baptist Dallas “Freedom Sunday”

How dare you stick your jew, atheist, ignorant nose in the planning for FBC Dallas’ “Freedom Sunday.”

I encourage Dr. Robert Jeffress to completely ignore your stupid, irrational attempt to interfere with the planning for this great service.
Love the billboard…

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  1. Grey One talks sass

    The Christian Nationalists aren’t even trying to mask their plans to destroy the separation between Church and State. Since they betray themselves to be an enemy domestic what should be their penalty?

    I believe the best punishment is one that is happening now – the dropping of membership due to young adults walking away from the church. That’s going to put a dent in the funding for their fancy jets.

  2. watchtower

    OK history dimwit, America is a constitutional Republic; America likely RESEMBLED a “nation of Christians” at the time of its founding. But it’s a rather different proposition to claim that the founders established the new American government as a “Christian nation.” Clearly, they did not. Many of the Founding Fathers worried that religion would corrupt the state and, conversely, that the state would corrupt religion–we are dreadfully close now.

    Begun by George Washington, signed by John Adams and ratified unanimously by a Senate still half-filled with signers of the Constitution, the 1797 Treaty of Tripoli announced firmly and flatly to the world that “the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.”

    Please stop the trying to rewrite history is YOUR opinion.

  3. Calif Anon

    If Rev. Jeffress wants to call America a “Christian Nation” has every right to, it is called freedom of speech dimwits and he is not breaking any laws nor should he have any penalty attached to him.

    If people are upset about him saying that, it is you who has a problem not him. Time to pull your panties out of your butt and get over it.

  4. Calif Anon

    I like the billboard as well. May God bless America!

  5. Grey One talks sass

    The only upset I’ve seen, Calif Anon, is due to the obscene access the Christian Nationalists have to power in Washington DC. A private citizen indeed has freedom of speech (if not freedom from consequences). A person in a position to influence others doesn’t have the same liberty. Not fair but with power comes responsibility.

    If people like the letter writer and Jeffress would accept people who don’t look like or worship like them then there wouldn’t be an issue.

    Christian Nationalists started it. By my pretty floral bonnet We The People will end it.

  6. Grey One talks sass

    PS I grew up with the Free To Be Me book promoted by Marlo Thomas. The song I remember most celebrated how it’s best when we are all free to be you and me.

    Jeffress sings Free to be just like me. Not the same at all.

  7. Mark Sebree

    Calif Anon,

    The problem, since you did not seem to read the background material, is that Jeffress uses United States Armed Forces seals in his presentation on [No] freedom sunday. This is an illegal act, especially if condoned by the Pentagon, since it entangles the US government with his intolerant and narrow-minded brand of religion.

    Jeffress is free to lie to his followers all he wants. He is free to con them as long as they give him money. However, he is not free to entangle the US Government and the US Military in affairs, or use their symbols without the Pentagon’s authorization. And even then, that “authorization” can be challenged, especially if it violates DOD regulations and US law. Then he should most certainly face the consequences of his illegal actions.

  8. Calif Anon

    Oh dear Grey One,
    The President of the United States can allow access to the White House to anyone he so chooses of any religion he so chooses. If memory serves me correctly, Obama gave constant access to the White House to the Muslim Brotherhood whose religion is Islam to exert their religious perspectives and influence upon government.

    So it sounds like you want to prevent Christians from their religious freedom by your statement that you will stop it. Go ahead and try, and see what happens to you legally.

  9. Calif Anon

    The thing with the seals can be rectified, they can just hang flags of each branch of the service instead.

  10. Grey One talks sass

    You’ve been smoking the good stuff CA. Your memory has been compromised

    I do not have to tolerate your intolerance. That way leads to bad things, historically speaking. If Christian Nationalists such as yourself refuse to share, the Constitution will make you.

    You threw down legal like it’s a threat. Telling you thought I meant a physical ending. Violence is the first option of the boring.

  11. watchtower

    You’re right Calif Anon, the dimwit is free to lie all he wants. The facts speak for themselves, we are not, and never will be, a christian nation…it is an ideology of Totalitarian theocracy and will be stopped at all costs.

  12. Calif Anon

    Grey One,
    I do not have to tolerate your intolerance either towards Christians. I would much rather be a nationalist than a globalist. I am only a globalist when it comes to world evangelization as Christ commanded we do.

    And yes, the Muslim Brotherhood constantly went to the White House during Obama’s terms as president. And yes the Muslim Brotherhood is an antisemitic terrorist organization with ties to Hamas and Hezbollah. Do your homework, read the charter of Hamas!

  13. Calif Anon

    Hey Watchtower, does your name signify that you are a Jehovah Witless, oops I mean Witness?

    Who says that Jeffress is lying, you? Who says that we want a theocracy? That will come in due time when Christ returns and sets up His world theocracy from Israel.

    Who is is going to stop us, you? What are you going to do arrest every Christian and Messianic Jew and put is in those FEMA camps?

  14. Grey One talks sass

    CA – We The People are set to Vote You Out in November.

    By the way, I’m not intolerant of Christians. My mom is a Christian. I’m intolerant of hypocritical murderous people masquerading as holier than thou types. You know – people like you.

    If you and your fellow Dominionists hadn’t decided that me and mine will never receive full citizenship and the rights endowed by living in the country of our birth we wouldn’t be having this conversation. But Christian Nationalists started this journey back in the day and we are seeing the results play out in the here now.

    Nice “I’m all anti globalist until I’m for globalization”. Just admit – globalism isn’t the boogey man you make it out to be. Heck, you’ve positioned yourself all over the subject, in one comment! You have talent CA.

  15. Calif Anon

    Grey One,
    Now it is my turn to ask you what have you been smoking? There is no chance in hell that you will vote us out in November.

    I am a “hypocritical murderous person”, wow, I have never murdered anyone in my life! I do not even own a gun, but thinking about buying one to protect myself from people like you though!

    The real murderers are the Deep State, CIA, Clinton’s, and the Cabal. Andrew Bourdain and Spade did not commit suicide, they were murdered by the Cabal.

  16. watchtower

    Now you’re just being stupid Calif Anon. Are you conspiracy theorist; there is no more a Cabal then a deity. People “check themselves out” of this world all the time and most of the time no sees it coming.

    No, I’m not affiliated with JW, but your disrespect for their beliefs speaks volumes about your supposed christianity. I also know many Muslim soldiers who served, fought and some died for this country and your disrespect for them is disgraceful.

    All people should be welcomed in this country, and yes, they must follow the laws. Very soon you will go without some wonderful produce from our farmers because their won’t be anyone to pick the crops. The 1% will complain and then the repubs will rethink their position on immigration, import tariffs, taxes etc…

    I know your holy book very well and I will just tell you bluntly, your judgement is quite suspect and I think you will have a lot to answer for. Its a shame really, all you need to do is help fix the problems logically with great compassion and understanding.

  17. G

    “And yes, the Muslim Brotherhood constantly went to the White House during Obama’s terms as president. And yes the Muslim Brotherhood is an antisemitic terrorist organization with ties to Hamas and Hezbollah. Do your homework, read the charter of Hamas!”

    CA, where is your proof? Furthermore, you had Christian leaders having access to the White House during the Bush, Jr., years when you look at how they got government money (our money) for their organizations.

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