6/5/18 – MRFF’s Activism Results in U.S. Navy Agreeing to Correctly Attribute Quote to Dolly Parton and Not John Quincy Adams

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  1. May Hoppers

    Do the people that use Bible quotes as inspiration are doing EXACTLY what “the enemy” does. They are making anything our military does a “holy war”. I thought we were fighting the religions that do this to put a stop to it.

  2. Grey One talks sass

    May Hoppers,

    If the USA was engaged in a holy war they would have to take a long look in the mirror before addressing the transgressions of others.

    The Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution to be Secular on purpose. I know there are “Voices of Authority” who push the whole Constitution is based on the Christian Bible myth, but that is all it is, a myth.

    Do your own compare and contrast to see I’m telling the truth. There are several web pages and blog posts which do a good job if you want a good idea of where to start. I’m an old fart and remember card catalogs in the library. Google is much more user friendly. I’ve never dropped a drawerful of cards on my toes while on the ‘net.

    Wise folk know one doesn’t fight a religion. History proves all that happens is a lot of people end up dead.

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