Raw Story Covers MRFF – Trump’s spiritual advisor busted by the Pentagon for illegally using military seals in ads for his church

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1 Comment

  1. This may be something that has not happened in a long time.

    Perhaps Obama had a different set of guidelines or Trump is changing some guidelines.

    Perhaps. they could make an advertisement or an ad that announces that all military persons have the right to make an add that Has their government logos in them.

    As long as the advertisements are not paid with taxpayers money or time. If a person wants to advertise something on their own time, they should be free to express themselves with their full military outfit.

    The Government does not pay for these uniforms and seals and military banners.

    We { taxpayers } pay for them to be drawn, painted, printed and stored – unless there is a copyright then I personally would change this policy unless it is dealing with a military LOGO that is copyrighted – then of course stickers, seals, logos, banners and medals, and insignias and badges that are copyright protected should be for the purpose that they were architected under in the binding legal agreement.

    I honestly don’t know enough about the details in the legal scope to really weigh in on any realistic parameters concerning the whole subject. My knowledge is very limited.

    Thanks for sharing this article. Truly interesting.

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