From: (name withheld)
Subject: MRFF
Date: July 22, 2018 at 12:07:05 PM MDT
To: Todd Starnes <[email protected]>


Mr. Starnes,

I would like to tell you I support the MRFF and am friends with Mikey Weinstein.  I am an evangelical Christian and believe the MRFF is defending freedoms spelled out in the US Constitution.  Everyone has a right to believe whatever faith they choose or no faith.  The Bible is a definite symbol of the Christian faith and as much as I would like everyone to revere that book, I know they are many who do not believe as I do.  Mikey Weinstein is defending the rights of those as he has defended the rights of Christians.  A Bible on the table of the POW-MIA display shouts Christianity.  Not all POW-MIAs are Christian.  The generic book is a statement of all faiths and no faiths.  Please take this all into consideration in your future actions concerning this display.

Thank you

(name withheld)





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  1. watchtower

    Finally, a voice of reason!

    To the credit of my christian friends who feel the same way, leave religion, bible, god, deities in your private minds where everything you don’t now belongs.

    If you know it, we can see it, if we can’t, its imaginary. If you feel it and we still can’t see it, its still imaginary.

  2. Mark Sebree


    You might want to rethink that last paragraph. There are many things that we cannot see that are not imaginary. The air, time, distance, atoms, subatomic particles, black holes, extrasolar planets, gravity, magnetism, emotions, friendship, and so on. The common theme in these is that many of them can be objectively measured, and the rest can be objectively studied. They exist equally for everyone, where ever they live, whatever they believe, and whether they believe in a deity, many deities, or none at all.

    If it cannot be objectively measured, sampled, tested, and/or theorized using math and science, then it is unlikely to exist. Deities fall into that category of things that cannot be measured nicely, and thus are unlikely to exist.

  3. watchtower

    In context, my imaginary claim was only to the point of the existence of deities, which cannot be objectively measured or studied.

    I can certainly accept your definition of existence Mark, however, please note in the past ten years astronomers have instruments that have become sensitive enough to finally detect extrasolar planets without ambiguity.

  4. Franklin Tharp

    That is your problem, you who have a finite mind is trying to understand an infinite being. God is unmeasurable and unreachable. Men for centuries have been trying to put God in a box so as to understand Him, and God refuses to fit into anyone’s box. If you can put God in a box and understand Him, then He ceases to be God. Jesus said “blessed are those who do not see, yet believe.”

  5. G

    And some people think that religion is a bunch of BS or don’t want to go to heaven because God is a cruel person inflicting damage on innocent people.

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