From U.S. Military Christian Chaplain, MRFF Ally and Supporter: “Another table you will like”

From: U.S. Military Christian Chaplain, MRFF Ally and Supporter’s E-Mail Withheld
Subject: Another table you will like
Date: July 21, 2018

Dear Mikey,

I’ve been surprised by all the controversy over your request that “Missing Man” tables be religiously neutral. America has separation of church and state. There is no official religion, and putting one religion’s book on a government able to remember all missing service members is an affront to those of different faiths.
To leave the Bible off is not disrespecting religion. It’s respecting the fact that we have different religions.
Last night (July 20, 2018) I was at the 100th anniversary celebration of the US Army Chaplain Center and School, held at a venue in Columbia, SC. There was a missing man table and a script was read explaining the symbols. But as you’ll see in the attached photo that I took, there is no book. There doesn’t need to be. There is a candle representing hope, and that hope takes different forms for different people.  This is what “right” looks like, and is the standard practice at the Army Chaplain School. It is a model for remembering the fallen while respecting their faith and honoring our heritage of religious freedom.
U.S. Military Christian Chaplain, MRFF Ally and Supporter’s name, rank, military branch an all other Identifier’s withheld
(I transfer all right, title and interest to this photograph below to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation)

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  1. Franklin Tharp

    Sounds like they do not train any true Christian chaplains at this school, just apostate ones. You would think that at a chaplains school and gala they would have a bible on the table, I guess they are ashamed of the bible as chaplains.

  2. Mark Sebree


    They do train “true” Christian chaplains (whatever that is supposed to mean), and Hindu Chaplains, and Jewish Chaplains, and Muslim Chaplains, and all other Chaplains of all faiths in the US Army. So, are you claiming that ALL the Chaplains that are NOT Christian should be disrespected, just as you want to disrespect all the POWs and MIAs that are not Christian? Is your sense of unjustified privilege that high that you think that our religion should be “honored” above all others just because of you sense of entitlement and privilege, while ignoring all the applicable US laws and military regulations?

  3. Grey One talks sass

    Asked and answered Mark, asked and answered.

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