7/13/2018 – MRFF Gets Under Sekulow’s Thin Fundamentalist Evangelical Skin!

MRFF On Trump’s Lawyer’s Mind!!

Trump’s lawyer and Chief Counsel of the ACLJ, Jay Sekulow, is so hot and bothered by MRFF’s fight in Okinawa, he had the ACLJ team put together a rambling 12-page letter of their own promoting bigoted religious favoritism — which includes plentiful, absolutely fake, and discredited historical statements and an enormous amount of inapplicable/bogus caselaw — it’s posted on their website’s front page!

MRFF is getting under their thin, Fundamentalist, Evangelical skin!

You can bet MRFF and its lawyers will be swiftly and formidably responding.  Stay Tuned.

Settle down, Jay! We’ve been through this before:

8/9/17 – Trump’s Lawyer and Chief Counsel of the ACLJ Jay Sekulow Attacks Mikey/MRFF – “Outlandish Angry Atheist Attack Claims Conference that includes Facebook and Google Executives Somehow Violates the Establishment Clause in the Military”

12/15/17 – MRFF Senior Research Director Chris Rodda Exposes Shameless Distortion in New Op-Ed!

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  1. Franklin Tharp

    I highly doubt that Jay Sekulow is shaking in his boots or letting Michael Weinstein get under his skin while he is hiding behind his computer.

    I call for a public debate between these two Jewish lawyers!

  2. G

    Mr. Sekulow would lose big time.

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