7/20/18 – President Trump Called Upon By Todd Starnes of Fox News to Shut Down MRFF

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    Yes! Close it down! .

  2. Mark Sebree


    How do you intend to do that legally? The MRFF has not violated any laws, and the government has little control over non-profit organizations or non-government organizations.

    The MRFF does a lot of good work that you do not appreciate. Ten of thousands of service members and their families are thankful for their help.

  3. G


    If you want to close it down, then let’s close down right-wing organizations like ALEC who work to undermine the interests of the American people and threaten to destroy our democracy.

    Let’s also close down our churches since our religious leaders have not done a thing to make America better and have gotten rich off the poor ordinary person.

  4. Franklin Tharp

    I do not know anything about ALEC, but who is saying that it is destroying our democracy, you?
    Regarding closing down churches, you know that will never happen and how do you know religious leaders have not done a thing to make America better? Is that according to you? Do you have any scientific research to back up your presuppositions or is this just an emotional reaction? Religious leaders and organizations have done a lot to make America better, take for instance the Salvation Army. They are there at every national disaster, feeding and clothing those who have lost some or everything. Teen Challenge has the best success rate of getting people of drugs and alcohol than any secular facility. Regarding you comment about churches getting rich off poor ordinary people. Not sure if you realize it or not, the average size of the Protestant church in American is only 75 people. Many pastors of these small churches have to work a full time job other than their pastoral position along with their wives working just to make ends meet. The megachurch is the exception and not the rule. The average salary for a pastor of a small congregation is only around $31,000. I made more than that before I retired recently.

  5. G

    Tharp, ALEC is trying to destroy our democracy because they one time they caught trying to weaken or destroy the gun laws in all 50 states: https://www.alecexposed.org/wiki/ALEC_Exposed. Are you so far out of touch in what is happening in America and/or in a state of denial, or living in a bubble?

    From what I have seen and heard, you have too many rich and powerful Christian religious leaders trying to turn America into a religious theocracy state and that is a fact.

    If religious leaders had made America better, then where are the good-paying, full-time jobs, free/affordable college/vocational education, better and stronger worker rights, better minimum wage, fully-funded public schools, etc.

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