Re: Family Research Council Makes Outrageous Claim!

On Jul 31, 2018, at 9:38 AM (name withheld) wrote:

Perhaps the following analogy to elections in our country will help the majority of Christians serving in our country’s Armed Forces  regarding the separation of church and state.  While a president may be elected by a number of partisan backers and supporters,  that  president has been elected to serve ALL of the voters, not just those who voted for him, and that president is expected to serve in office accordingly.  Similarly Christian leaders in our country’s  Armed Forces are expected to defend the rights of ALL people in our country, including the rights of all the other people serving in our country’s military uniforms whom  those leaders may be leading.

The official actions of those Christian military leaders should not imply support or promotion of their respective religious beliefs and those official actions should not denigrate the religious faiths of others who are non-believers of those military leaders’ religious faiths.  Those Christian leaders who wish to proselytize their respective religious faiths should do so off-base, out-of-uniform, and without reference to their military assignments.   The actions in behalf of MRFF and its clients in various military commands can be viewed charitably by those clients’ respective  military commanders  as supporting  a commander’s duty regarding  the morale and welfare of the members of a military command rather than a personal attack on any particular  commander or that commander’s religious faith.  Why shouldn’t  a commander’s duty regarding the spiritual welfare of the members of the  command be as fundamental as food at the dining hall?
(name omitted,  USAF  retiree)

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  1. Amber Thompson

    Freedom of Religion, also means Freedom FROM religion!

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