7/19/18 – “Air Force surrenders to demand to replace Bible with generic ‘book of faith’ on POW/MIA table”

MRFF’s Bible Removal Victory Pisses off Faux Fox News, yet again!

In Todd Starnes’ new opinion piece on Foxnews.com, the vocal detractor calls MRFF a “militant organization” rather than “atheist organization.” MRFF lawyers sent several letters to Starnes demanding he cease and desist from deliberately describing MRFF incorrectly as an Atheist group. Looks like the letters worked.

Todd Starnes implores his minions to “urge the Trump administration to defend the POW/MIA tables.” Hey, Todd, you can certainly try, little fellow!  It’s true our Caligula in Chief has a disgusting disregard for the Constitution and he’s OCD for getting his information from “Faux News”…But MRFF suspects he has enough deserved train-wrecks of his own to worry about, for now.  In the meantime, MRFF will continue to fight to defend and uphold the Constitutionally guaranteed rights for ALL of our Servicemembers!!!!

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Background on MRFF’s Bible Removal Victories Which Have Caused This Faux Fox Fuss:

7/18/2018 – MRFF Momentum Results In SECOND Bible Removal VICTORY In Two Days!

7/17/18 – MRFF Thanks USAF Wing Commander For Valiant Action Against Religious Favoritism at F.E. Warren AFB


MRFF Client at Buffalo VA Medical Center Sends Thank You Email to Mikey After Bibles’ Prompt Removal:

*Emphasis added by MRFF editor*

From: [Buffalo VA MRFF Client(s) Name(s) Withheld]
Date: July 18, 2018
To: Mikey Weinstein
Subject: POW/MIA table at VA Buffalo


I’d like to thank you and the MRFF for your immediate response to my note to you regarding the placement of two bibles on the POW/MIA table at the VA Medical Center in Buffalo, NY.  Those who suffered and endured the hellish hardships of being a prisoner of war and those who have died in captivity and are still missing are rightly remembered and honored by this meaningful display — may it be a comfort to their families to know that we all share their loss and sorrow and will keep their memory alive.

The men and women who have served our country reflect the great diversity and strength of our democracy. POWs/MIAs are from those of all faiths and those who have no religious beliefs.  Placing a bible on the table denies the sacrifice of those of all other faiths or of no faith.  To me it seems to say to those of other or of no faiths, “Your sacrifice doesn’t count;” or, “it is of lesser or no value compared to those of our faith.”
Or perhaps those who place a bible on this display are indifferent to the sacrifice made by non-Christians.

I have had the honor of serving my country of nearly 40 years, serving as a [names, titles, ranks withheld] I have repeatedly seen the dedication and patriotism to our country of persons of multiple religious faiths and those having no specific religious faith — their willingness to dedicate their lives and endure family separation and physical hardships for our freedoms—indeed, to “support and defend the constitution of the United States.”  Over one year ago, when I saw the bible on the POW/MIA table I felt both hurt and angry — but I said nothing.  At my last visit to the Buffalo, VA medical center, there were two bibles on the table!  One was quite large and nearly dominated the entire display.  I felt obligated to contact the MRFF.

After writing to the MRFF, I received a call within hours!  The MRFF had contacted the medical center and noted that over 24 individuals had contacted them regarding this egregious display. I was not alone! Other patients and/or staff had expressed concerns about this display—concerns expressed by Christians, Jews, Muslims, agnostics and atheists.  The VA administration stated that the bibles were not placed there by any authorized group and would be immediately removed.

I want to thank you again for your amazing and immediate response.  Your actions will help assure that all our POWs/MIAs will be remembered and their families honored.


[MRFF client(s) name(s) withheld]

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  1. Don Mosley

    I served in the USAF for 20 years. In all that time, I never once met another military member who was not a Christian.
    Don Mosley, MSgt, USAF. Ret.

  2. Marshalldoc

    Starnes writes “I don’t know of a single follower of Jesus Christ who is offended by the presence of a Bible.” Evidently, judging by his fixation on MRFF’s efforts to keep him & his ilk from establishing a ‘Christian Nation’ (absent the MRFF, and presumably Mikey as well) he’s too obsessed with his crusade (word used advisedly) to bother reading the testimonials from numerous Christians who do object to their faith being portrayed as the only faith worthy of consideration frequently posted by MRFF. More likely, though, is that in his fanaticism he considers those who don’t share is view of what’s ‘Christian’ and what’s not as ‘not Christians’… this would be the same logic as that of ISIS Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi who considers any Muslims who don’t share his Wahhabi fundamentalist beliefs as ‘apostates’ worthy of death (even fellow Sunnis). The other alternative, naturally, is that he’s lying through his teeth (would not be the first time)… another thing his oh-so-Christian ilk seem to share; that pesky ‘thou shalt not bear false witness…’ thingy seeming applying only to those they wish to control, never themselves. Just as demonstrated by the comment by Mr. Mosely, since the number of non-Christian servicemen & women in the USAF over a 20 year span is such that it’s virtually impossible for his statement to be true. Ipso facto Mosley confirms the ‘super-Christian’s’ exceptionalist view of the rules they wish to enforce on others. Naturally, were Starns’ & Mosley’s superstitions to be factual, they’d have both vanished in a blast of sulfurous smoke immediately upon having written their lies. Again, ipso facto…

  3. G

    I guess Mr. Mosley forget that you had Jews, atheists, and agnostics in the armed forces.


    7/19/18 – “Air Force Surrenders To Demand To Replace Bible With Generic ‘Book Of Faith’ On POW/MIA Table”

    The title caught my eye and after reading the email sent by the clients with the portion stating “POWs/MIAs are from those of all faiths and those who have no religious beliefs. Placing a bible on the table denies the sacrifice of those of all other faiths or of no faith. To me it seems to say to those of other or of no faiths, “Your sacrifice doesn’t count;” or, “it is of lesser or no value compared to those of our faith.”, I’m having a difficult time seeing the victory.

    If the emailer supports the generic book of faith being displayed, then he also supports the sacrifice that those of no faith made by displaying any book of faith at all.


    Correction in the last paragraph:

    Then he doesn’t support the sacrifice made by those of no faith if he supports any book of faith being.displayed. Even a generic one.

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