8/17/18 – Influx of Right Wing, Anti-MRFF Media Buzz Continues; Teichert Remains Silent

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1 Comment

  1. Grey One talks sass

    Christian Nationalists always claim they only want what is best for everyone. They say it all the time. I wish I could believe their words because actions taken by Christian Nationalists portrays a different picture.

    How do these theocrats treat the immigrant? The LGBTQA population? People of faiths other than their own?

    I’ll beleive a Christian Nationalist has my best interests at heart when they support the burgeoning Transgender population. I’ll beleive a Christian Nationalist when they open a homeless shelter for at risk LGBTQA kids. I’ll beleive a Christian Nationalist when they help the homeless without proselytizing.

    Never going to happen, or at least it hasn’t happened yet in my long years of doing battle with Christian Nationalists. I’m not holding my breath for their hearts to be lifted and their minds to be enlightened. They are too fond of the dogma after all.

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