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  1. Jason

    As an active duty member of the military for the past 17 years and a non-relegious myself, I can tell you I hate being “preached” to about ANY religion. I grew up in a moderately christian family and grew out of it fast. I dont want to walk into my workspace and see some motivational poster one the wall with a cross and dead guy hanging from it. My opinion is that it takes a special kind of ignorance to believe in any of the religious texts that are out there. That being said, I believe in liberties and freedom, and that includes the freedom for “Men and Woman or God” to be able to discuss their faith, hold prayers, and read scripture in the open. Even if its something as outlandish as Scientology, Islam or Christianity(and many, many more). I do not support bullish, aggressive “recruiting” tactics that some of these people use and those actions should definitely be stopped and not allowed in the Military or the GOV. To say that some of the people you guys are fighting againt are evil, or should be imprisoned for having a website or holding prayers is absolutely rediculous and I place you up there with ANTIFA, NAZIS, BIGOTS, RACIST’s, etc…. I am deeply disturbed that the MRFF imploys that they are in any way even implying they are protecting the men and women of the armed forces. You, as well as those people i listed before, are causing a greater divide withing our country and the world all together. From day one(reporting to boot camp) we are all told that we do not need to be a part of any religion or prayer group whatsoever. If an event has a prayer, or innvocation/benediction, we can remain silent and choose not to take part in it. I have never been chastised for not going to church or taking part in prayer but I have seen people having a private prayer getting berated for doing so and that is pure hypocracy. The MRFF should maybe do a bit of self reflection in order to see that what you are doing is wrong and in my opinion, damaging to my fellow sailors, soldiers, marines, airman and guardsman.

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