8/30/18 – MRFF’S Legal Counsel Swiftly Responds to Threatening Imprecatory Prayer by Capitol Hill Prayer Partners

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  1. We are Q

    We have taken a vote this morning and have nominated Michael Weinstein the founding member of the National Prayer Police Force. His responsibility is to work in conjunction with the NSA to listen in on every Christians prayer life, searching for those who pray imprecatory prayers against him or any other liberal in our nation and to bring them to justice for obeying God and His Word. LOL, fat chance that he can stop us from praying the way we want to!

  2. jimbo

    Instead of this nonsense Q you should spend some time trying to prove gods exist, any gods. There are none, we know that because none has ever been proven, even though those like you who have tried to prove them for millennia. None. As for Mikey he has been instrumental in preventing the destruction of our military and our nation. Thank you Mikey Weinstein.

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