8/31/18 – MRFF Forces “Take Down” Of Imprecatory Prayer After Attempted “Take Down” Of MRFF!

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  1. Grey One talks sass

    I love it when the law plan comes together

  2. We are Q

    Grey One,
    Now that is a weird comment. There was no law broken here. There is no law that says someone cannot pray the Word of God. The OT is rife with imprecatory prayers most of them in the Psalms and the majority by King David all written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. God had no problem with David asking Him to wipe out David’s enemies and the enemies of Israel. If Michael and his lawyer Donald Rehkopf are bothered that a Christian is praying for God to deal with them, then they need to stop being vaginas. Do they realize how many Christians are praying imprecatory prayers against the enemies of the gospel, especially against Michael daily? There is no way that Michael can stop that from happening or them being put over social media for all to see or know of. There is also know way that they can stop the CHPP ministry from continue to pray imprecatory prayers concerning Michael and the MRFF even if they do not print them. We here at the Q will continue to pray that God will vindicate His righteous ones and vanquish His foes of the gospel.

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