And Others

From: (name withheld)
Date: August 16, 2018 at 10:30:22 AM MDT
To: [email protected]org
Subject: And Others

Hello “Whiny”,

I see you’re up to your old tricks again by picking on Air Force Brig. Gen. E. John Teichert this time.  The website in question is his “personal” website.  Does he not have the right to have a “personal” website regardless of profession?   Does he not have the right to freedom of speech on his “personal” website?
You’re supporting a group of snowflakes, soy boys, and others,  who complain about something they know nothing about. It reminds me of the snowflakes who protested the military involvement in Vietnam.   They failed to realize that our military were saving lives in South Vietnam.  This same truth is happening now, except, it is the Christian’s who are trying to save people’s souls, so that, they may avoid a second death.
Oh, don’t forget to go after those who practice the following religions in the military as well: since; you don’t want to be guilty of discrimination. 
  1. Secular
  2. Hinduism
  3. Chinese traditional religion
  4. Buddhism
  5. Primal-indigenous
  6. African traditional and Diasporic
  7. Sikhism
  8. Juche
  9. Spiritism
  10. Judaism
  11. Bahai
  12. Jainism
  13. Shinto
  14. Cao Dai
  15. Zoroastrianism
  16. Tenrikyo
  17. Neo-Paganism
  18. Unitarian-Universalism
  19. Wiccan
  20. Satanism
  21. Agnostic
  22. Atheism
  23. Paganism
  24. Muslim
  25. Polytheism
  26. Amish
  27. Confucianism
  28. Druidism
  29. Aum Shinrikyo
  30. Hare Krishna
  31. Humanism
  32. Heavens Gate
  33. Jedi Knights
  34. Mithraism
  35. Pastafarianism
  36. Theosophy
  37. Hookers for Christ
  38. The Occult 
  39. People’s Temple 
  40. Scientology 
  41. Shamanism 
  42. Thelema
  43. Taoism 
  44. Universalism
  45. Voodoo 
  46. Yezidism
  47. Zhu Shen Jiao
  48. Chen Taoism 
  49. Ancestor Worship
  50. Animism
And others.
Your Pal,

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member John Compere
On Aug 16, 2018, at 2:22 PM, John Compere wrote:


Dear (name withheld),
Please be advised the US Constitution prohibits our government or its representatives (which includes the military) from promoting or endorsing a religion. The US Supreme Court has continuously & consistently confirmed this as the law of our land. US Armed Forces regulations also prohibit the military from promoting or endorsing a religion.
The secular military mission is to defend our nation against its enemies – not promote or endorse a religion. The secular military sworn service oath requires true faith & allegiance to the US Constitution – not to a religion. Military chapels are available for those who choose to worship & military chaplains are available for those who seek spiritual support.
No military person, other than military chaplains, may use his or her office, capacity, position or rank to presumptuously & publicly promote private religions beliefs. That is the law as well as   mandatory military policy. You are reminded that no person is above the law & that includes fundamentalist Christians in the military. Those who choose to disrespect & disobey the Constitution, military regulations & military service oath have the right to seek a civilian career.
Most Sincerely,
Brigadier General John Compere, Judge Advocate General’s Corps, US Army (Retired)
Former Chief Judge, US Army Court of Military Review
Disabled American Veteran (Vietnam)
Military Religious Freedom Foundation  Advisory Board Member

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell
On Aug 17, 2018, at 12:51 AM, Mike  wrote:

Dear, dear cupcake,

Yes, we know about and protect the rights of all the believers of those systems as well as some you failed to mention. Unlike some, we feel every individual’s belief system must be honored and protected. Our only objections come when a particular belief system is pushed on those in the military, especially by a superior.

I realize concepts like the separation of church and state and military regulations limiting one’s right to impose, propagate, insist or proselytize one faith belief over others are hard for people like you to grasp, but do try.

It’s good to know you’re so convinced of the correctness of your own faith choice that you believe you’re saving souls in order to “avoid a second death” for those who may not have your higher understanding. We’re happy for you. But when it comes to pushing your faith on others, pal, you’re out of bounds.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)

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  1. watchtower

    Funny the letter writer says “You’re supporting a group of snowflakes, soy boys, and others, who complain about something they know nothing about”.

    Really Snowflake_Cupcake_Pal? Most “secular people” know more about christianity than the christians do, its proven over and over again by people like YOU!

    By the way, several “religions” you listed are NOT religions at all, some are cults, silly clubs and some are nothing; and I’ve not know any from your list that use his or her office, capacity, position or rank to presumptuously & publicly promote private religious beliefs except evangelical/dominionists christians.

    The US Military has nothing to do with “saving souls” so please step off that BS…they KILL on command and could care less what that persons religion is.

  2. David Rubin

    Dear Cupcake
    If you truly want to advance your faith and save souls, do so only with whatever authority you, personally, have. Do not use our government and whatever authority they have given you to do it. I do not want or need the government to or its officials to tell me how to practice my religion

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