Daily Sabah Covers MRFF – “US Air Force General running secret evangelical Christian ministry online, letter reveals”

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  1. Wiz03A

    Sloppy journalism by Newsweek. Self-licking ice cream cone for MRFF.
    Title in Newsweek says ‘secretly running’ an online ministry, yet secrecy is never addressed. And it does mention associated Facebook and Twitter sites—hardly secret.
    MRFF gives the letter to Newsweek. Newsweek runs the story with little independent journalism. Then MRFF floods their own site with the reporting of their story, as if Newsweek broke this.

  2. Rick Snowden

    You discuss me! You need to cease from your fake news reporting and anti Christian agenda! Absolutely shameful on your part!

  3. David Needham

    Your hatred and contempt for Christian’s are alarming. I think you would kill them if you could. Very sad! I hope you get help.


    WTF is wrong with you?

  5. Grey One talks sass

    I find it hilarious when Christian theocrats (aka Christian Nationalists) reveal their true personality. They are triggered, ignorant, and on the wrong side of history and most important, their interpretation of a religion they hope to force upon everyone.

    Oh, thanks. You folks really showed MRFF who is boss, didn’t you???


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