Examples of Christian religious extremism near Edwards AFB

From: MRFF Client at Edwards AFB
Subject: Examples of Christian religious extremism near Edwards AFB
Date: August 13, 2018 
To: Mikey Weinstein



I wanted to give you some more evidence of why I requested anonymity in assisting you investigate Brigadier General Ernest John Teichert. Perhaps this information can help you in dealing with reporters who ask you why the complainants have pleaded for anonymity.
Attached are screen shots taken from Google Earth Street View that show a few scenes that are just a few miles from my house in Antelope Valley, a small town located just outside the western boundary of the base. The large sign that includes the word ‘Israel’ is next to a church that is adjacent to the Highway 14 off ramp one takes to go to Edwards AFB when driving north from Los Angeles. That is the same sign that for several years displayed the words ‘The Only Purpose of Man is to Fear God’. What worries me the most in this small set of pictures is that most of these religious statements are displayed in front of people’s homes, not churches.
Not shown in these pictures are the following
– the Christian anti-abortionist who for many years has stood on a street corner on Rosamond Blvd every work day facing cars driving to/from Edwards AFB. He has a large sign mounted around his body — the sign includes a very visible picture of a bloody aborted fetus. He also has a doll of a small baby hanging by the neck from a noose. I can’t remember all the words included on his sign, but it is along the lines of ‘everyone who engages in abortion will burn in hell for eternity’.
– the guy who drives around Rosamond in a car absolutely covered with fundamentalist Christian diatribes. I wish I had taken a picture of his car, but I don’t have a picture of it. The words he has painted on the car are along the lines of ‘Only Jesus Saves’, ‘Non-Believers Will Burn in Hell’, etc. He also randomly stops along the side of the road in various places in Rosamond to use his bullhorn to yell out his extremist views. He says only devout Christians are going to heaven — everyone else is going straight to hell. 

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  1. watchtower

    I’m confused, what does Brigadier General Ernest John Teichert have to do with silly signage in what appears to be a ghost town near Edwards AFB?

    I also find the signage of “The Only Purpose of Man is to Fear God” is moot given the god they likely refer to has no apparent interest in the dealings of men, or anyone else on earth for that matter.

  2. Dan

    I’m also confused reading the following in this post: “a few scenes that are just a few miles from my house in Antelope Valley, a small town located just outside the western boundary of the base.”

    This is outside the base, what does it have to do with Edwards or the General? Moreover, if the complainants aren’t members of the military serving on base or within the General’s command, they seem to have an issue with the local community and nothing at all to do with the General. The ‘plead for anonymity’ speaks volumes. You might have some credibility if you posted relevant arguments and not this nonsense.

  3. Tim

    This “complainant” (a legalese term) has no credibility because they’re basing their current “complaint” against Brigadier General Ernest John Teichert upon 6 year old Google Earth images (Imagery Dates 6/2012) that in no way can be directly attributed to him – all defamatory innuendo. Secondly, we should all be morally outraged at the gall this person has to culturally appropriate what “religious extremism” really is, when in fact it’s mainstream constructive protest. It’s like calling a Pride March “gay extremism”. Thirdly, the bigotry and hatred of diversity and free speech oozes out from the statement “What bothers me the most… are statements displayed in front of people’s homes”. BTW, the true definition of Fascism is having the government, which includes military channels, stamp out such statements.

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