Good Morning Mr. Weinstein

From: (name withheld)

Subject: Good Morning Mr. Weinstein
Date: August 20, 2018 at 7:55:10 AM MDT

Leave General Teichert alone.

He is not your jew play thing!

The MRFF hates him because of his faith to bring all airmen to the saving Grace of Jesus Christ.

We pray you die today and suffer the fate of perpetual drowning aflame in the Lake of Fire for all time.

(name withheld)


POWERFUL Response from MRFF Supporter/USAF Veteran

From: USAF Veteran/MRFF Supporter
Subject: Re: Good Morning Mr. Weinstein
Date: August 20, 2018
To: [withheld]


Dear [name withheld]

Thanks for your ever so cheerful e-mail soaked in the charity and goodwill that we all associate with the very best aspects of the Christian faith.  I’m a retired Air Force officer who served more than 30 years and have been a proud supporter of the MRFF and Mikey for over a decade.  Occasionally, I jump in an respond to wonderful notes like yours in order to provide a little bit of real-world perspective and, hopefully, a rational response.  I’d like to do so here…
The MRFF (an organization whose clients are overwhelmingly Christian) has taken the lead in highlighting some of the egregious violations of Air Force regulations and our US Constitution committed by BG Teichert in order to protect not only their clients at Edwards AFB, but all airman, and (believe it or not) citizens like you who hold sacred your right to practice your faith in accordance with your wishes and the 1st Amendment.
To begin with, BG Teichert’s job in the Air Force is not to “bring all airmen to the saving Grace of Jesus Christ.”  If he thought that was his primary job, he would be a civilian minister.  He’s not.  He’s an Air Force officer who’s taken an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.”  Would you agree with me that someone who wanted to forcibly bring all (or any) US citizens or airmen under his/her command to the saving grace of Allah (or Baphomet, or Satan) might be violating the Constitution and be, in fact, a domestic or foreign enemy of the US?  That’s what I think.  I also think that if someone uses their official position as an officer, judge, or other position of power within the government to influence the religious or political views of their subordinates or the general public, they are an enemy.  What if BG Teichert ran a website that was unabashedly pro-Democratic Party and made no secret of his identity?  I think that would make him unable to serve as a commander because (and this is important) his public website and views expressed there might reasonably be interpreted by any subordinates working for him as prejudicial to anyone under his command who feels differently.  Republican airmen under his command might be worried.  I think current non-evangelical Christians under his command are equally worried.
As I said, I served for MANY years and led countless airmen in situations like BG Teichert’s.  I had to be VERY careful, for the good of my unit and the Air Force, to make sure that ALL of the people that worked for me realized that I was judging them based upon their ability to contribute to the mission of the unit and the Air Force.  I couldn’t show bias if I thought they were Republican, Episcopalian, Atheist, Red-Headed, Short, Gay, or Constipated.  I might personally be a straight, white, Christian with blond hair and regular bowel movements, but I couldn’t and shouldn’t assume that anyone in my unit that didn’t match me was somewhat inferior or not worthy of my full support and respect.  It’s something I thought about EVERY day I went to work and worried about when off-duty.
BG Teichert is wrong to publicly make statements of his faith on a forum available to all that are under his supervision in which one can rationally assume that he JUDGES others that do not share his view as flawed, inferior, or in need of “saving.”  Moreover, his website spills over into political grounds that are verboten by US law.  That he has done this for so long demonstrates that the US Air Force turns a blind eye to certain types of bias–that’s wrong and it must stop.
Remember, the MRFF is NOT saying that BG Teichert can’t be a devout Christian.  The MRFF defends his right to be so completely–and I’ve defended that right, too.  When off-duty or behind closed doors, he can pray and practice his religion however he sees fit. BUT, he has no right or duty to “bring all airmen to the saving Grace of Jesus Christ.”  If he wants to do that, he should resign his commission and enter a seminary.
Have a blessed day!
A 30+ Year Air Force Veteran

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell

On Aug 20, 2018, at 11:41 AM, Mike wrote:

Good morning (name withheld),

Thank you for underscoring our understanding that anti-Semitic bigotry is a requisite part of being

affiliated with a sect of faux-Christianity that contradicts everything Christ taught and embarrasses

decent Christians everywhere.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)

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  1. Grey One talks sass

    Actually Letter Writer, no one at the MRFF ‘hates’ anyone; that would be unprofessional. Me though?

    Oh I’m full of anger at a General who took an oath to protect all citizens of the USA and instead uses their position to push their personal idea of faith and religion. Any leftover anger is reserved for fools like yourself who defend the traitorous theocrat at the expense of good people. History is full of folk like you – they are called fodder.

    As for your last statement – “We pray you die today and suffer the fate of perpetual drowning aflame in the Lake of Fire for all time.”.

    Where exactly did Jesus command his followers to say these things? Weren’t these the words of Pharisees?

    I’m sure your preacher is proud even if you just broke the heart of Jesus by being so mean.

  2. Stephen

    The First amendment gives us freedom of speech. This includes evangelism, which by the way is what Christ said in Matthew 28:19 and Mark 16:15. Also, Christ was not very nice toward the Pharisees. He said that they made their converts twice the son of hell as themselves as in Matthew 23:15.

  3. Grey One talks sass

    Stephen- your rights end where mine begin. As you beleive the Christian Bible is literally true that makes any act of proselytizing by you to me an act of violence. Why can you not see that?

    Christian Nationalists – it’s all about their rights forgetting they do not live in this country by their own selves. Learn to share. I won’t be the one to erase your sorry selves. You will do it to yourself.

  4. We are Q

    Maybe Grey One can elaborate as to which law that says “your rights end where my begin.” To my knowledge the Constitution or the Bill of Rights do not say that our rights ever end.

    Sharing ones faith does not make it an act of violence. So when Mormons or JW’s or Scientologists come knocking at your door that is an act of violence? They have not harmed you in any way physically!

    The Constitution does not give you the right not to be offended by my religious beliefs whatever they may be, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Mormon, JW, Buddhist, Agnostic, etc.

  5. Grey One talks sass

    Oh yeah, you are so totally Q (and not the Q from the Star Trek universe – no siree! You are the embodiment of a conspiracy theory)

    What law says your rights end where mine begin? Um… How about the laws against assault? Stars above!!!! At first I couldn’t believe you lack even a basic understanding of personal autonomy but then I read the latest installment of Black Collar Crime on another site and remembered that yeah, you Christian Nationalists have a serious nonunderstanding issue with consent – dontcha?

    When the Mormons and JW’s come knocking at my door they’ve been very respectful. I can’t say the same for IFB members and other Evangelical/Fundamentalist sects. I’ve yet to have a Scientologist come knocking. Must be something I’m doing wrong.

    As for your last statement – I’m not offended by your faith. I’m offended by your lack of knowledge pertaining to the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Military leaders are representatives of the Government and as such have to follow a different code than the rest of us civilians. They are not free to proselytize where ever or whenever.

    There is my elaboration “Q”

    I repeat – there is nothing I have to do to end Christian Nationalists. By their very nature they will end themselves. Evil has a way of working out that way.

  6. Grey One talks sass

    Forgot to add this – I consider the Christian Bible as important stories, but only stories which guided us in the past. I do not believe it is the literal inerrant word of any deity.

    When wielded by Christian Nationalists the book is transformed into a weapon as there are several passages which state a witch aka psychic should be stoned to death. I take exception to that, being a person of that persuasion.

    As the Constitution and Bill of Rights provides avenues to protect myself I view unwelcome proselytization as assault.

    Also – why is it these Evangelical sorts don’t understand that some Agnostics, Atheists, and Pagans have read the Christian Bible more than once. For many it’s why they are no longer with the Christian church. So like a hearing person being insensitive to someone who is deaf, why is it that Evangelicals all believe that they just need to yell at any unbelievers of their specific flavor of faith all the louder?

  7. We are Q

    Well Grey One,
    I find it interesting that when people say something is a “conspiracy theory” it means it is true. Q is not conspiracy theory, they have high level security clearance and access to President Trump. Besides, on a posting they did on June 30th, they allude to the day that Senator John McCain would die.

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