8/13/18 – MRFF Unveils General Teichert’s Nefarious Fundamentalist Agenda, Igniting Media Coverage Internationally

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  1. R

    I pray for our government everyday. I support this general in his personal prayers. When bullets start flying everybody learns to pray. God bless America and Nixon too.

  2. Paula

    “When bullets start flying everybody learns to pray.”
    No–you are wrong. That may be YOUR response to flying bullets, but do not mistake yourself for “everybody.” Such an egocentric statement shows your disdain for other people and their life choices.

    Imagine this: The bullets are flying. I am your commanding officer. I stand before you and tell you that you will now recite a prayer to Allah asking His mercy. No choice; no dissent. Or perhaps I stand before you and tell you that all prayers that you utter must invoke Lord Krishna. It does not matter that you are not Muslim or Hindu. You must pray in their manner. Are you obedient?? Or I tell you to pray in the manner I dictate: Your prayer must take the form of Recognition, Unification, Realization, Thanksgiving, and Release. Any other form is forbidden. Or I tell you that no prayers whatsoever are allowed. There is no “god,” and there is no point or value in prayer at all, and there is no time to waste on the pointless.

    Which of these scenarios is acceptable to you? Which one makes you feel comfortable, respected, honored?

    I realize this is a lot to take in for someone that is obviously so self-centered. However, this is the real world. This is how it is out here. If you are unable to participate as an adult in this world, you might want to rethink your place. You are not a selfish child any longer, much as you may have enjoyed that time in your life. Put away childish things, R.

  3. Monica

    Sad comment Paula. It doesn’t stop those of us who know how important prayer can be from praying though. I pray that you will one day experience God’s mercy and grace and give the glory He is due.

  4. I highly doubt 41 people filed a complaint. What proof do you have. You could just make up any number you wanted. And I very highly doubt someone fears physical harm. What a waste of our time and resources to fight your garbage claims.

  5. John

    Dear sirs
    I know your mission. Your mission is to God out of the militar, your bold faced lying concerning your mission. As long as they’re bible ie the Torah and the new testament believing Jews, and Christians you’ll be on the losing end of your lying attacks on this general. I plan on praying that God will continue to shield those that fight against you. You will lose.

  6. Carey

    Support for the General.
    I shall pray at lunch tomorrow to give him and those in Washington DC the ability to work together and MAKE AMERICA GREATER than it ever has been before.

    also all of the GODS from any and all nations and religions from the past, present and future!!!

  7. James Lux

    The Military Religious Freedom Foundation,the Los Angeles Times and others are wrong about Brig. Gen. E. John “Dragon” Teichert. Gen. Teichert is a dedicated American and one of the finest people I have ever I known. He has strong Christian beliefs but he would never impose them on anyone under his command. I know because, as a civilian friend, he has never tried to impose his religious beliefs on me or my family.

    He is a true American hero and a great military leader. It is obvious Mr. Weinstein knows little about who Gen. Teichert is, what he has done in defending our country, why he was promoted to Brigadier General or why he was chosen to be commander of the 412 Test Wing at Edwards Air Force Base.
    Col. Teichert was greatly admired by his peers and those under his command during his tenure at Joint Base Andrews. I know because met many, officers, enlisted and civilian personnel who served under his command.

    The effort to disgrace Col. Teichert is a travesty. The attempt to ruin this great American’s career by the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles Progressive and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation appears to be nothing more than discrimination for his religious beliefs.

  8. Grey One talks sass

    Wow, the theocrats are out in force!

    I love how they believe those who reject their theocratic ways just haven’t heard their specific idea of Christianity yet. The thought that thinking people have heard the theocrats garbage and rejected it never occurs to them.

    The rules governing We The People are very specific. Government is not allowed to push a specific faith. People in positions of power have a responsibility to ensure the rules are followed. The fact this General violates their oath in multiple ways is less scary than the zombie Christian hoardes defending him.

  9. love the world

    so sad, apocalyptic deception of the theosophists has gotten intelligent people to this ugly point of regrettable hate. now leave the general alone before the lord jesus rescues him with fire and fury. repent and find the lord jesus instead of promoting hatred to such a proffessional level. wake up america!

  10. Grey One tries again

    And exactly when is your lord and savior Jesus Christ arriving? I mean, a couple of millenia without a peep should have provided a clue.

    When the General proves they respect the oath they swore to defend the country from enemies foreign and domestic I will leave him and others exactly like him alone. Until then, I consider anyone who tries to shove their religion into my face an enemy.

    “~By their actions shall you know them. ~When someone tells you who they are, believe them. “

    This isn’t hard. It’s about sharing and honoring – two concepts Christian Nationalists don’t understand (even though it was a huge part of JC’s message).

  11. G

    Dear R:

    Where is your proof that people will pray when the bullets start flying? When bullets start flying, people are dead, taking cover, or returning fire.

    In 1985, Time Magazine did an article about a platoon of GIs who served in Vietnam. One of them stated that he lost his faith in God and religion. He stated that after what he had went through, you can’t tell him that there was a God that care.

  12. Tshane McTee

    Right on Paula.

    What religionists believe is pursuing their freedom to believe, often infringes on the rights of others not to practice or believe in that religion. The right to believe something does not include the right to force others to believe or force the same actions to do things in line with your personal beliefs.

    Excellent arguments! It’s sad that Christians are so narrow-minded–or some even so fundamentally stupid and self-centered–they cannot see how others don’t agree with or want to follow their personal myths and dogmas.

  13. Karl T Mantyla

    Wow. As if God is going to bestow a special blessing more than any other place on America! Sooooo deluded!

    What about victims of racism, hate, domestic violence, poverty, environmental degradation leading to poor health such as cancer from corporate chemicals spewed without regulation into our environment, or just from asthma and other lung diseases caused by ozone and pollution supported by corporate Friends of the government?

    Truly, America has many great things about it but we have a long ways to go before we are truly great. Solve racism, poverty, hate against LGBTQs, unfairly low wages, rampant corruption in the Trump Administration and the GOP for the most part, domestic violence, drugs, mall and school shootings, rampant mental health issues, the unfairness of the corporate Health Care system which is mostly for the well-off and privileged… there’s a lot more, how much else are you ignoring?

    And you support the second worst president in modern history. Trump being number one, of course. As John Dean, who famously served Nixon and also famously served time for his crimes under that Administration, recently tweeted, very few who served in the Nixon Administration are proud of that fact and state it on their resumes! He warned Trump Administration staffers to get out and do it fast!

    Your comment is a superlative example of conservatives with their heads in the sand ignoring reality and favor of coddling themselves with myths and lies and BS.

  14. Tshane McTee

    Prayer is a form of mental masturbation. There’s no proof that does anything except make the one praying feel like they have done something when they literally have done nothing but wish.

    Also there is no proof that God exists, or if it does (likely so far beyond our conception that sex or gender does not apply), no evidence it exists in the form you imagine it. The idea that God exists is essentially an unscientific unverifiable concept that has no way of being proven or disproven. The same applies to Jesus supposedly being the son of God. No other major world religions have sons of God in a trinity–which makes Christianity obviously a Pagan religion with multiple gods. It’s certainly not monotheistic as it claims. There is no one true God, there are 3: Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God.

    However none of that matters, since all religions are invented myths and hearsay from thousands of years ago. They were created (in many cases cobbled together from various other religions) by unscientific priests and monarchs in order to control the masses and give them hope when it does not exist, all religion is fake and unreal.

    Your claim that you hope for God to reveal his Mercy and glory to someone is based on arrogance that you are more important *because* you believe, totally unreasonably, in some kind of all-powerful deity.

    Also the fact you perceive it manifests in male form could be a result of misogynist beliefs that males should dominate females– or is it simply (no pun or irony intended) the lack of ability to imagine any greater force or being in other than human form?

    Or perhaps you’re among the low-intelligence, gullible, wishful, desperate and unthinking robot/thrall/sheeple, indoctrinated to believe what church leaders or your parents or other figures of authority you respect tell you to believe. In other words, you believe in authoritarianism. You would be better off living in Russia or around or North Korea. Then the leadership would reflect your beliefs. Although in the United States now, Trump is trying his best to become one of those dictators– and failing utterly.

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