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  1. jimbo

    This outcome was inevitable in my opinion with trump in office. Mikey I used to comment and donate to your site, even spoke to you one evening when I suggested you needed to be in Washington. Part of trump’s schtick is using the christian supremacist influence to maintain power, now that is even more a necessity than before, and outcomes like this are an absolute requirement for trump’s position. Teichert’s game plan is destruction of separation of church and state, and it’s time the seriousness of that aim is being understood by all Americans. After I was no longer allowed to comment on your site the moderators of your site interrupted my efforts to communicate with Tulsi Gabbard. I began to analyze activities on social media, and found christian supremacist propaganda on social media sites. Eventually that has led to my being persecuted, which I can only think is being caused by those whom I outed to law enforcement. I would like to share my experiences with you but I don’t know how to contact you.

  2. sanny


  3. Grey One talks sass

    Rather than view this as a calamity I suggest this is an opportunity.

    No, wait. I’ve read history. Breaking the law is only for Christian Nationalists. Everyone else must prostrate themselves to honor the fake religion.

    Humanity has been here before and it always sucks. Well, for anyone not a Twue Christian Nationalist.

    I’d say Resist! but I’m so very tired. Hope the younger generation has better luck than my generation.

  4. We are Q

    Your comment is absolutely ludicrous, saying that Trump had anything to do with this when you have no proof. Just as ludicrous as the Washington Post blaming Hurricane Florence on Trump has he has had anything to do with that. If you want to blame the hurricane on anyone, just look to HAARP.
    @Grey One,
    The general broke no law. He is allowed to have his own personal website to express his own religious views. At the outset Michael Weinstein was screaming that he did not put any disclaimer on his website, now he is screaming that he has now. Make up your mind Michael. When will Michael speak out about the Muslim soldier who wanted to kill his fellow soldiers on base just recently? Oh wait, that does not fit his narrative right!

    All glory goes to God for vindicating one of His men of God.

  5. Grey One talks sass

    We are Q – the General did break regulations and the Air Farce said so what! He’s our kind of extremist so screw the Constitution, screw our own regulations, and screw anyone who is naive enough to beleive the USA is still a Democratic Republic. We’ve got ours and we don’t have to share; that’s the Christian Nationalists motto!

    My only hope is, well, it’s people like Mikey who won’t let the bully win.

  6. Otis A Hughes

    This group is not for Religious Freedom at all. This is a hate group that is more about religious oppression.
    I for one don’t want any of my tax money funding these idiots.

  7. Grey One talks sass

    Otis A Hughes,

    You’ve been misinformed. You’ve been bamboozled, led astray. In plain terms someone lied to you for their own gain.

    So sad really because if you’d taken two minutes to do your own research you’ve have discovered the amazing things this group has accomplished.

    So very sad.

    By the way – please explain exactly how the MRFF is taking your tax dollars? You made the claim, you get to explain.

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