Incoming Hate Mail: Halloween’s Evilest Demon

Note From MRFF Editor: Mikey Weinstein and MRFF get called bigoted names often; however, antisemitism is especially common. While one might find themselves getting numb to hate referencing Nazi’s and the Holocaust, let us all remember how bad things once were. On this day, “26 Oct 1942, Nürnberg, Germany: 95 scientists gathered to review the result of Dr. Sigmund Rascher’s freezing experiments using concentration camp prisoners as subjects.” – (source):
From: (withheld)
Subject: Halloween’s Evilest Demon
Date: October 26, 2018 
To: Mikey Weinstein

I want to say a few straight things from the heart to you sir.

My husband (who a proud airman and even more prouder Christian) and I and our children belong to a Bible believing congregation of spirit filled Christian patriots not more than 2 miles from the military base we are stationed at.
For years we have watched you and your tribe attack Christian military men who spread The Redeeming Word of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Course you never would attack a jew man or moslem military man because you and your little tribe of bullies only target us Christians.

We airmen and our church brother snd sisters are sick of the likes of you and yours taking our free religious rights away from us because we worship Jesus. Your just a villain who picks on Christians in the armed services. Turn the other cheek? My butt we will when it comes to you.

This Halloween should be dedicated to you and the MFRF because you all are the evilest of demons and you don’t even wear a costume.
I have seen the many pictures of you and you wear your evil well sir. You should be ashamed of yourself. In the service of satan. And with a smile too.

Plus being jew you would think you would love Christians who saved your tribe from the Nazis who had just had had enough of them.

Your a disgrace to your jew clan and AF Academy our military and our America. Not your America sir. Our Great America.

Jesus will take care of you and MFRF henchmen when you die sir. Nothing you will say will save you from the flames of Lake of Fire.

We pray we get to watch and enjoy Christ’s revenge from Heaven. You reap what you sew sir. And you reap the burning of your flesh in satan’s hell forever. LEAVE US CHRISTIANS ALONE DEMON!

Do not try to talk your evil back to us with your clever voice of satan Mr. Wienstien. This e-mail will reject your satan heresy sir.

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell
From: Mike MFO <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: Halloween’s Evilest Demon

Date: October 28, 2018 at 11:18:51 AM MDT

To: Michael L Weinstein <[email protected]>


Dear (name withheld),

I’m sorry, I don’t know how to pronounce your name. I note it has an x in it. You’re not, by any chance, related to Malcolm? Somehow I don’t think so.

While I appreciate your credentials, having presented yourself as the wife of a “proud airman and even more prouder (sic) Christian,” I suggest you reconsider the grammar. But that aside, speaking “from the heart,” as you claim to do, is appreciated.

In that vein, let me point out that you’ve misspelled Mr. Weinstein’s name. I’m sure it was an innocent mistake, but I know as a good Christian you’d want to be sure you were putting things correctly.

Assuming you consider me part of Mr. Weinstein’s “tribe,” as you suggested, let me try to clarify a few things in the hope you’ll take the information back to the Bible believing congregation of spirit filled Christian patriots to which you, your husband and your children belong.

First, if you’ve actually watched our work “for years,” as you say, you’ve seriously missed the point of what we’re doing. I urge you to pay attention more closely. You see, we have no problem with “Christian military men who spread the Redeeming Word of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” That’s their privilege, as long as they do so in the proper time, place and manner as prescribed by military regulations.

You see, if you had in fact watched our work carefully, you’d know we don’t “attack” people for their beliefs, as you have claimed here. We do have a problem, of course, when people who believe their particular faith is the one and only true belief system and demand everyone else believe just as they do or suffer the fires of whatever hell their belief provides. That contradicts every American’s constitutional right to believe as she or he chooses. It is against the law and when it happens we see that it is stopped.

Further, when you suggest, as you have here, “you never would attack a jew (sic) man or a moslem (sic) military man because you and your little tribe of bullies only target us Christians,” you’re entirely wrong. I hate to have to say that, but it’s what happens when you don’t pay close attention. (And, speaking of attention, you really should pay more of it to spelling and grammar.) To your point, we oppose the imposition of any belief system, whether the ones you’ve misspelled here or the many others, on the women and men in the military. The freedom to believe as one chooses, whether it be commitment to a religion or no religion, a faith, a creed or something of one’s own construction, is a fundamental American right, and our mission is to defend that right.

So you see, when you say you and your church brethren and sisters “are sick of the likes of you and yours taking our free religious rights away from us because we worship Jesus,” you are again, I’m sorry to say, wrong on every point. We’re not taking your “free religious rights away” and we have no problem with your worship of Jesus. Now, you may think we’re taking your rights away if you think it’s your right to shove your beliefs down the throat of others, but I can’t imagine a “spirit filled Christian” who speaks “from the heart” would do such a thing. Can you?


And that’s the critical question, isn’t it? It’s one that is raised when you call Mr. Weinstein “a villain who picks on Christians in the armed services” when he does nothing of the kind. Because he calls out bigots who demean those who don’t share their belief system and some of those bigots happen to call themselves Christians doesn’t make Mr. Weinstein a villain, it just exposes fake Christians for what they actually are: hypocrites.


Speaking of which, Ms. Spirit Filled Christian Patriot who Speaks from the Heart, your comment about your “butt” when referring to turning the other cheek makes abundantly clear that you are one of those faux-Christians who proclaim their devotion to Jesus while picking and choosing which of his teachings you’ll honor and which you’ll ignore.


How does Jesus feel, do you suppose, when someone who claims to be a “spirit filled Christian” could even think of the words, “Plus being jew you would think you would love Christians who saved your tribe from the Nazis who had just had had enough of them.” Have you no shame, Ms. x? No, you clearly have none. You, who claim to be a believer in Jesus, can find it in what passes for your heart to infer that it was the Jewish people and their behavior, or, truth be spoken, their very existence, that caused the Nazis to lose patience with them and eliminate millions of them – each one of whom was a brother or sister of Jesus himself – from the face of the earth.


Your casual inhumanity, madam, is disgusting. It is the kind of mindlessness that not only tolerates but creates the madness acted out by yet another crazed, hate-filled person in Pittsburg, PA, yesterday who slaughtered human beings because he, too, “had had enough of them.” I suspect he, too, was filled with spirit. One wonders, in comparing their results, how different his spirit is from your own.


So now, having clarified just who you are and where you stand, I can properly file your hopelessly anti-grammatical, grossly misspelled message and your embarrassingly incoherent attacks on Mr. Weinstein and the MRFF in the round file with the rest of the painfully stupid messages we get from self-righteous people like you who claim to be passionately devoted to Christ yet because they have no comprehension of the true meaning of Christianity, treat it like a cult.


Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)

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  1. Get out of my Air Force you stupid C-Bag! I bet your “hubby” is part of S.W.A.T. Shit Water And Trash!
    Stand down depenidpotumus!

  2. QForce USA

    Jen, it is not your Air Force or Mikey’s Air Force, it is the people’s Air Force. Calm down and take a Prozac.


  3. Paula

    Dearest Withheld: So all of this filth, hatred, blasphemy, and ugliness originates in your “heart,” does it? You are no christian. You are the farthest thing from a follower of “Christ” that I have had the misfortune to encounter. Do you know what document contains the rules that the military of the United States of America must follow?? The christian bible?? Hell, no. It is the Constitution of the United States of America, the first amendment of which says that the government of the United States of America–which includes the military of the United States of America cannot establish a state religion, i.e., christianity. If the government of the United States of America is not allowed to do that, what in hell makes you think you have the right to decide that everyone must fall at the feet of a male, tribal, middle-eastern sky-daddy? News flash–YOU DON’T! Take you hate and your fear elsewhere, sistah. This country, this planet, doesn’t need your kind. You are nothing but a puling loser that is too stupid to understand what the United States of America holds sacred. Go peddle your garbage somewhere far away from decent, respectable, moral people.

  4. Grey One talks sass


    That was brilliant. Thank you

  5. Q Force USA

    Whoa Paula, where did that come from? Sounds like you need to take some Prozac as well, it now comes in chocolate flavor for PMSing feminists!

    Oh, Jesus is not just a male, tribal, Middle Eastern skydaddy, but the living breathing Son of God whom you will stand before one day for judgment on whether you said yes or no to Him in this life.

  6. Paula

    Q Force USA–Well, aren’t you just the cutest little bigot this side of drumpf towers! You can believe whatever malarky you want to, sweetie. Just don’t force your childish ignorance on me. Some of us–myself included–have grown into a true understanding of the universe and its wonders. If you want to be a child for your entire life, far be it from me to stop your infantile whine. Just remember that when you continue on your journey, it won’t be a make-believe creature like the Easter bunny or Santa Claus that you will “meet.” Gawd–I just can’t stop laughing at you and your immature cravings for approval. Grow up, Q. Let go of that wussy gawd that can’t stand up to other’s beliefs without trying to destroy them. A weak supreme being. Wow. If your faith is as strong and correct as you seem to believe, then it would not matter to you what spiritual path I follow. Obviously it is not. You’re just another loser in the biggest game in the cosmos….

  7. Grey One talks sass

    It is amusing to me that when women speak passionately a certain type of man gets his tighty whites in a bunch. They don’t reply with logic or facts, labels they reserve for manly men. No no, they suggest the wimmenz must be drugged.

    And by amusing I mean it’s time for Patriarchy to fade into history. The time of one person one voice is now.

  8. Q Force Patriot

    Well, whether you like it or not, humanity was founded on patriarchy, Adam was created first then Eve. The nation of Israel was founded on patriarchy, so was our nation with our Founding Fathers, not Mothers. The church was founded on patriarchy, that is why the Apostle Paul and Timothy under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit wrote that women are not to be the primary leaders in the church.

    Poor Paula, she will be in for one big shock one day. Choose wisely, your life depends on it eternally.

  9. Grey One talks sass

    I know Q is doing their best to give arguments as to why Patriarchy will continue but to me… Well, to me they just provided every reason it must be eradicated. Thanks Q!

  10. Peter W Barber

    Pittsburgh October 27, 2018.

  11. Q Force Patriot

    Grey One and Paula, I think you have been watching “A Handmaid’s Tale” a little too much to where you think it is reality.

  12. Grey One talks sass

    Q –

    You can’t see it but my face is set in my dead stare, the one I get when my facts are doubted; the one I get when the stupidity in front of me is so staggering that I question why Nature hasn’t filled you with matter, Her abhoring a vacuum and all.

    You presumably read the note above regarding Nazis using concentration camp prisoners as lab rats. Presumably you’ve heard about the shooter who opened fire in a Synagogue killing at least eight today but you just had to troll the libs instead of showing some compassion or (gasp) humanity.

    When you are praying in your church on Sunday and you hear the tsk tsk tsk but can’t find the source, understand your Lord and Savior is expressing their disappointment with you. Please do better. As you’ve stated repeatedly your soul is on the line.

  13. Grey One talks sass

    The death toll is now 11. And the shooter is a self identified fan of QAnon.

    We are divided. As I see it one side wishes to respect the equality of all and the other is deciding who dies In their drive for purity.

  14. Q Force Patriot

    Grey One,
    He is a Trump hater which means he cannot follow QAnon. He is an anti-semite and Jew hater which is not those who support Trump. Also, it is more than likely this was another false flag, though horrible as it was, just like Parkland, San Bernardino, the Kavanaugh hearing, the bomb hoax and now this, because the left and the Deep State are in complete panic mode right now, they know they will lose on Nov. 6th and mass arrests will soon follow after that.

  15. Paula

    Dearest Q–

  16. G

    Q, where is your proof that the left is in a panic mode when the members of the GOP are reportedly in a panic mode? Where is your evidence that mass arrests will follow? Are you suggesting that we will have the Palmer Raids like in the 1920s?

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