11/2/18 – Iconic PLAYBOY.COM Covers MRFF

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  1. Q Force Patriot

    Well I see that Mikey has sunk to a new low, and getting press in the dregs of society. Now he is associating himself with porn magazines. I wonder if Playboy will give him a free year subscription, just make sure you do not let Bonnie see the centerfold Mikey.

    I wonder if Stormy will give Mikey a freebie roll in the sack, but I guess she will have to get permission from her attorney Avenatti.

  2. Grey One talks sass

    Thank you Q. Your words of hate provide motivation to all humans who know how to adult to get out and vote.

    People like you no longer hide in the shadows. You and yours are sure the USA is a theocratic nation, and why shouldn’t you be confident? Christian theists sit in both houses of Congress, most local governments and school boards, and occupy many positions of power in the military. The win is yours amirite?

    If We The People throw away our vote then the theocracy set to conquer the USA will succeed. The Christian Taliban will be exactly as repressive as their Muslim counterparts. History may not repeat exactly but it sure does rhyme.

  3. Q Force Patriot

    Grey One,
    I think it is great that Evangelical Christians have bible studies in every state capital along with the Congress and Senate and with Trump’s cabinet, and now bible studies are starting up in nations capitals among their leaders in countries all around the world, fulfilling Christ’s command to go make disciples to all the nations! I like a statement that Pres. Trump said the other night at one of his rallies, “We as Americans do not worship our government, we worship God!”


  4. Norman Squier

    The only thing the grate Don the Con worships is money.

  5. Lin

    Oh brother! It’s bc of Christianity that we have all these freedoms.
    No one forces anyone to become a Christian but you and others will keep complaining about it until liberty is gone.

  6. Grey One talks sass


    Brother you say? Well, please provide at least one example of a Christian Theocracy which also ensures the rights of people who are not Christian. You would know that is a trick question (there are none) if you’d bothered to read the writings of the Founding Fathers or other respected historians instead of the alternate reality version as presented by people like David Barton.

    And you are correct, no one is forced to become a Christian (yet). However, Christian Nationalists sure do like to shove their faith where it doesn’t belong. Years of assumed privilege and bullying to get their own way provided a consequence free environment. Now these same bullies are expected to honor the rights of people formerly demonized and the resulting hissy fits have been epic.

    Lin, I will always call attention to bullies who refuse to follow the rules. I will always call horsepoop on broad statements made without an iota of factual content. Prove me wrong – provide a Christian Theocracy which provides the same civil liberties as the USA and I’ll shut up.

  7. Grey One talks sass


    Data is an amazing thing. The young are abandoning Religion but not Spirituality.

    Why is that you might ask? Well, I’d have to say the hateful rhetoric you spew has something to do with it. The young have watched Christian Nationalists claim the high moral road and then smash and crash and disrespect said moral high ground by abandoning everything for political power.

    Thanks. Progress couldn’t be achieved without you and those like you reminding everyone at all times what horrible people you truly are.

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