11/27/2018 – MRFF Praises Swift Response By U.S. Air Force Over BIBLICAL CAKE at Al Udeid Air Base

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  1. AtlantaBlue

    Well done sir. The mind boggles at the decision makers on the ground in Qatar. Who thought it was a good idea to do that THERE? Again, Much respect!

  2. Beth Zion MMC

    I could give a pigs ass about disrespecting Muslims!

  3. Grey One talks sass

    Beth-a-roo, your sentiment about anyone who isn’t a clone of you is obvious by your words here and previous comments on the site.

    Well done, you have mastered the art of willfull ignorance! Here is your certificate. Now go play with your crayons while the adults are talking.

  4. Fite Me

    It’s an insult to anyone with half a brain.

  5. Grey One talks sass

    Fite me – exactly so why would someone do such a thing?

    Oh yeah, those Christian Nationalists who don’t think of anyone but themselves and their obsessive desire to put on their holy books’ End Times Olde Timey Show and Review (read that somewhere and love the phrase).

    I’d say more but I’m feeling rather realistic at the moment which means my customary optimism has to take a back seat.

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