MRFF Ally, a Retired Lt. Col., Shares Photo from IHOP of POW/MIA Table WITHOUT The Bible

From: Retired USAF Lt. Col.’s Name Withheld
Subject: IHOP Missing Man table
Date: November 12, 2018 at 6:47:16 PM MST
To: [email protected]

At IHOP they understand the Missing Man table represents all men, of different – or no – faith, that served our country. .
On this Veterans Day I stopped by my local IHOP with other Veterans taking advantage of the Red, White & Blue pancake breakfast. Prominently displayed at the entrance was this Missing Man table. In the heart of the “Bible Belt” this restaurant seems to understand that while the Christian faith is the predominant faith of our missing comrades – the men and woman who serve are from all (or no) religions. We need to Never Forget those who remain unaccounted for. And you don’t need a Bible to do that. Our Constitution, that we support and defend, is crystal clear – we have no state sponsored religion. Keep fighting that good fight, MRFF.

Lt Col (name withheld), USAF (Ret)
Fayetteville, GA

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  1. Beth Zion MMC

    Now who is too say that at this IHOP they did not put the bible, but they may at other IHOP’s around the country. I am just thankful that at Chick Fil-a’s they do put the bible on their Missing Man tables.

  2. Mark Sebree

    Beth Zion,

    At least this IHOP understands what a PROPER Missing Man Table is supposed to look like. And apparently, Chick-a-Fil does not. IHOP honors ALL POWs and MIAs, while Chick-a-Fil only honors some. Looks like IHOP is the more moral and honorable company, since it does not discriminate like Chick-a-Fil is well known to do.

  3. Beth Zion MMC

    Chick Fil-a also honors all POW’s and MIA’s. How can IHOP be more moral and honorable and how does Chick Fil-a discriminate? They hire all people!

  4. Mark Sebree


    Really? It Chick-a-Fil does not honor Native American Shamanists, Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Bhuddists, Atheists, Humanists, or any other religion EXCEPT Christianity. That means that it excludes honoring all the POWs and MIAs who were/are non-Christian. And that means that IHOP (to be clear, this in the International House of Pancakes, not the “evangelical” International House of Prayer) is more honorable and more moral than Chick-a-Fil since IHOP does not discriminate with its Missing Man Table, nor does IHOP show any favoritism towards any particular religion by including ONLY that religion on its Missing Man Table.

    Chick-a-Fil is not open on Sundays, which shows a clear favoritism towards Christianity. If you are a Jew, Muslim, Seven Day Adventist, or any other religion that has they holy day on a day other than Sunday, and you are reasonably devout (i.e. regularly attend services), you lose a day of work opportunity because of the corporate policy. Additionally, the Chick-a-Fil corporation and leaders are known for supporting laws and policies that are discriminatory against homosexuals and transsexuals. That also makes them less honorable, less moral, and more discriminatory.

    At a guess, I can easily see Chick-a-Fil not hiring groups of people because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, or other similar reasons if they could get away with it and not run afoul with the law. I have not heard of IHOP doing any of these things or supporting any discriminatory policies.

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