Parents claim AFA cadet said slain Jews are “burning in hell forever”

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  1. Grey One talks sass

    Fact. If the upper classmen Christian Nationalists found out who complained against them violence will happen.

    Fact. The Air Force Academy will do nothing because they’ve already been infiltrated by Christian Nationalists.

    Fact. I know many regular citizens who believe the military of the USA is free from religious influence. They are horribly misinformed.

    I truly believe Christian Nationalists are a threat to the USA and their adherents in the military must be treated as an enemy combatant for breaking their vow to protect the Constitution. I’m just an old hippy with no power. Why are those in a position to make a positive change doing nothing?

  2. Beth Zion MMC

    As I read the letter of the parent to the MRFF here over a couple times, this is nothing but an alleged incident at this point in time, since no report was filed with the USAFA personnel. Also, this was not something that was said to the Jewish cadet in question to his face, but according to the parents letter, it was just something that was overheard while at the table in the dining hall.

    What the upper class cadet said was not religious intolerance but his own biblical viewpoint as the parents said that they quoted John 14:6, which is what our Jewish Messiah said to his disciples. Also, the Jewish Apostle Paul also said in 1 Cor. 1:18 “that “for the word of the cross is folly, or offensive, to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” First of all, the upper class cadets have every right to share or speak their own religious viewpoints in this case because it was not being spoken directly to the freshman cadet here. There is no law that says that they have to only quietly or whisper their religious views when they are talking to another fellow Christian.

    If this freshman cadet got hurt feelings or was offended by what he overheard at the table, he better just get use to it in the military, for he may overhear other things said from commanding officers that may bother him. Would this young cadet be just as bothered or hurt if he overheard at the table God’s name being taken in vein? Would he complain to his parents about that? Would he be just as offended if the upper class cadets were dogging him about his favorite sports teams, or ripping on him from what city he comes from or the older cadets loudly talking about the size of their girlfriends breasts?

    The USAFA had it right when saying that every cadet has a right to the free expression of their religious viewpoints, and in this case, it was not being said to his face or in a manner of proselytizing.

    If I could address the mother here I would say, time for you to cut the umbilical cord to your son and let him grow up now, he is not a “child” any more but a man and in the military. To the young cadet I would say, grow some balls and stop running to your mommy just because you overheard something that offended you or hurt your feelings!

    I was shocked reading the parents letter to read that the mother said that we are considering on pulling him out of the academy. Well mom and dad, that is not your choice, your son is an adult and that is a decision only he can make if he wants to separate from the Academy.

    Let me ask this question, what if this was not the Academy we are talking about, but let’s just say he was attending some large public college like the Univ. of Georgia. He is sitting in the dining commons there and some students at a table near him said the exact same thing or worse like something anti-Semitic. Would he be just as offended or hurt and go running off to call mommy about what happened and would the parents still threaten to pull their “child” out of the university because he got his religious feelings hurt???

  3. Grey One talks sass

    Beth, you sure like what you say as you posted the same comment at least twice. Are you even a real person because I have some doubts.

  4. People sometimes say things that are hurtful and yet they are not necessarily a completely bad person or unfit to serve in war.

    Sometimes, people are convicted by their religious faith that was created by the Government Churches throughout the centuries and has been passed down through denominational daughter churches, reformations and organizations, stemming or shooting / branching out from The 4 th century Mother Church who invented many of these un-Biblical theological and doctrinal faiths, assertions and claims to appease their Canaanite relatives south of them and in their very own Canaanite, Persian, Arabian European mixtured bloodline.

    And many times people change their way of thinking and re-evaluate many of their statements and things they have said and wish they could take back many things they have said in the past. I think the Jewish community should realize that the original Greek and Hebrew manuscripts do not represent this ideology and the Jewish community should just continue to keep loving these people who make these type of statements. And keep up their great patriotism and by love, understanding, respect, and honor the hears and minds of Americans will be changed by these qualities that exist in the great American Jewish community throughout America.

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