12/13/18 – Jewish War Veterans (MN) Sponsor MRFF, Continuing Legal Education

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  1. Beth Zion MMC

    What a joke, brainless self-hating liberal Jews there in MN! I will need to email them and give them the full story about Michael Weinstein and his anti-Christian and anti-Jewish bigotry complete with full quotes.

  2. Mark Sebree


    So basically, you plan to lie to them and misrepresent Mikey and the MRFF.

    If you wish to tell the truth, be sure to mention that 96% of his clients are Christian. Be sure to mention that he protects the rights of military subordinates when their superiors try to impose their religious beliefs onto the subordinates. Be sure to mention that he helps keep the military secular and neutral with respect to religion, as demanded by the US Constitution and US Law.

    Unlike you, the Jews in Minnesota are neither brainless nor self-hating. They recognize the good work that Mikey does to support the rights of the soldiers when almost nobody else will, particularly in their chain of command.

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