12/14/18 – NO Grand Forks Air Force Base, Duty Hours are NOT for Religious Volunteering With the Salvation Army

Grand Forks Herald Covers MRFF – “Air Force volunteer work with Salvation Army raises questions: Mikey Weinstein, founder of Military Religious Freedom Foundation, said about 40 military members contacted him because they said they felt the base was showing religious favoritism.”

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  1. Grey One talks sass

    Mikey may not have an issue with the Salvation Army but I sure do. They are one of the most homophobic group of people pretending to “help” people. If they truly were about helping those who need the help they wouldn’t deny services to Transgender folk. They wouldn’t advocate anti-LGBTQA legislation.

    I used to support the SA. Once I discovered their bigotry I stopped. The latest PR ploy telling their volunteers to keep quiet about their policies regarding the LGBTQA population during the Christmas holiday is typical of all money grubbing religionists – they are more concerned about cash then helping those who truly need the help.

  2. Don Tartasky

    I have read on different Salvation Army district posts that they welcome everyone regardless of sexual orientation or ethnicity. While they are certainly into Jesus, they are out on the front lines doing charitable work. I support them and MRFF with donations.

  3. Having volunteer opportunities where the troops get the chance to engage with regular folks is good. If the Salvation Army is a mixed blessing, set aside whatever those problems are while still making note of them in a way that educates in a non heavy handed way.

    Then perhaps this leads to a broader series of opportunities to volunteer and engage the public in the kind of way that elevates the virtues we’re supposed to be promoting and protecting. The American Way, to quote the opening of the 1950s Superman TV show.

    If automation and contractors paid for by American taxpayers have resulted in a great many duty hours now available that might suffer from made work situations or otherwise be filled by the sorts of things that gravitate towards idle hands and idle hours (drug use, gambling addiction, endless video gaming, watching hate TV and listening to hate radio), then perhaps commanders can steer their men and women towards a sense of broadened mission that includes volunteering with the always underfunded local public schools and stewardship of the environment withing easy range of their home bases.

    I donate clothing to the Salvation Army. My kids enjoy shopping there from time to time. I also support the mission of the MRFF. If the US military is not deeply in bed with the SA and their anti LGBT stand (which is news to me), then in this particular instance the MRFF might mean well yet be overreaching.

    Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and love to all!

  4. Grey One talks sass

    SA’s bigotry is out in the open if one only opens their eyes. To be fair, if you are not covered under the LGBTQA umbrella the bigotry of the Salvation Army would not be an obvious thing. To those of us who are considered Other we call them hypocrites as they smile for the ‘normal’ folk and give lip service to diversity with one hand while the other hand lobbies to deny us our Civil Rights.

    Bottom line is the Salvation Army is a religious organization which means our military has no business sending volunteers to work for them while those workers collect a military paycheck. Off duty and on their own time, as long as regs are followed it’s none of my business. On the clock? A totally different story.

    Happy Solstice (my prefered holiday)

    By the way – good examples of “It’s not a problem if it hasn’t happened to me” in the comments above. Just because you haven’t heard of a thing doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. That is all.

  5. Jeremy

    I know this will not be posted. My intention is to simply say, “STAY OUT OF OUR LIVES!!”

    Okay!!! All of you on this site that support this traitorous MRFF need to understand that GOD IS WHAT THIS COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED ON!!!! Prayer has always been apart of ALL uniformed services. REGARDLESS OF YOUR UNIVERSITY RE-EDUCATION CAMPS WE ARE A CHRISTIAN COUNTRY!!. This ESQ needs to take a flying hike, JAG or no JAG. I challenge you to prove me wrong about GOD and this country. Just walk around the Rotunda in DC and read all the prayers carved in the marble. First off you must have understanding of what the word VOLUNTEER.

    [vol-uh n-teer]
    ExamplesWord Origin
    WHOSee more synonyms for volunteer on Thesaurus.com
    a person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for a service or undertaking.
    a person who performs a service willingly and without pay.
    Military . a person who enters the service voluntarily rather than through conscription or draft, especially for special or temporary service rather than as a member of the regular or permanent army.

    OH, and the LGBTQAP is not able to have their own protective laws only for them under the Constitution of the United States of America. All men are created equal regardless of race, gender, religion and sex. NO ONE IS ABOVE ANYONE ELSE!! If any of you do not agree with this last statement then you are NOT a PATRIOT. YOU ARE A EMPTY BODY IN A UNIFORM WORKING A JOB FOR A MONETARY REWARD NOT TO PROTECT YOUR COUNTRY. All of you are allowed to volunteer for anything, I don’t agree with servicemen/woman who volunteer for the so called church of Satin. Go and do it, however DO NOT SUPPRESS others that volunteer for their beliefs. The true PATRIOTS will take joy when all the troubled people out there that are trying to suppress all others are rounded up and detained. Mark my words that charges of treason are coming and they are not directed at true Patriots.

    [pey-tree-uh t, -ot or, esp. British, pa-tree-uh t]
    ExamplesWord Origin
    See more synonyms for patriot on Thesaurus.com
    a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.
    a person who regards himself or herself as a defender, especially of individual rights, against presumed interference by the federal government.

    I love all my countrymen however those who wish ill works on this county must step back and take a look at what you are doing! The call of the 1860’s are rumbling and now instead of color we will be fighting once again for FREEDOM! from the enemies within.

    GOD BLESS EVERYONE OF YOU WHAT EVERY YOUR BELIEF IS. That is what this country is supposed to be. All people from all corners of the earth come to the US legally and have freedom that they desire. However, don’t try and change this country to resemble the country that you fled from.

    Whatever your beliefs are rejoice in them just leave other peoples beliefs alone.

  6. Jeremy

    Just for the readers that say I have not been in uniform. Forgot this part.



  7. Grey One talks sass


    You are an oath breaker, a defiler of oaths.

    Based on your TL;dr comment you don’t understand the Constitution or the regulations in play when on duty personnel volunteer for a religious organization.

    The USA is a secular nation, created that way by the founding fathers. It would be swell if you could keep your beliefs to yourself but I already know Christian Nationalists such as you can’t help yourself.

  8. Ventura Calderon Parada

    Jeremy is a Dominionist/Christian Nationalist. His view, that the USA was formed as a Christian nation, is propaganda from David Barton and Wallbuilders, among others. Notice his reference to the Civil War. He sees himself as a soldier in the army of God, preparing for a new civil war of good (Dominionists) versus evil (everyone else). These are End Times zealots, and extremely dangerous. There are millions of these people, armed and waiting.

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