12/20/18 – Military Chaplain Expresses Deep Gratitude to MRFF

From: (Military Chaplain’s E-Mail Address Withheld)
Subject: Gratitude From (military branch withheld) Chaplain (name and rank withheld)
Date: December 20, 2018 at 1:08:38 AM MST
To: Mikey Weinstein <[email protected]>

Sir, as I make my end of year contribution to MRFF this morning I want to express my sincerest gratitude to you and MRFF for your tremendous support last February and for going to bat against one of this country’s worst examples of fundamentalist Christian supremacy and bigotry, (name withheld), being the (military branch name withheld)’s officially honored guest speaker at last year’s Prayer Breakfast on post here at (military installation name and location withheld).

We may have lost that battle but in fighting the good fight the MRFF has sent a clear message around the globe for our military to beware of repeating such unconstitutional outrages in the future. The (number withheld) Chaplain (military chaplains’ ranks withheld) I supervise also didn’t attend the prayer breakfast. They are all from more conservative Christian backgrounds than I (as you know, sir, I am also a Christian military chaplain) but “get” it when it comes to the U.S. military chaplains’ mandate to perform/provide services for all troops of all faiths and no faith traditions as well as all related Constitutional non-establishment issues within the Department of Defense. They probably figured out, or it was assumed, that it was I who contacted you. I was so pleased that, apparently, these other military chaplains professionally respected the fact that I had taken a stand with MRFF as my champion and advocate.

Thank you and MRFF for all you do to ensure that there is no established religion in our U.S. armed forces while, at the very same time, fully respecting the Free Exercise thereof for ALL who serve.

Sir, you and the MRFF are so sorely needed! I would just like to add one more thing, sir. I subscribe to the MRFF information e-mails and I just wanted to say that I and others within the American military especially appreciate the tragic and shocking amount of vicious, brutal hatred that is continually targeting you, your family and the entire staff at the MRFF. I know your wife has written a book about all of this and it should be required reading for all those who proclaim that America is a “Christian Nation” and our armed forces are merely an “Army of Christians.” The personal sacrifices made by all of you at the MRFF, in the face of this unrelenting hatred, so much of which is classically and horribly antisemitic, are only further testament to the valor and honor of the fight you lead for all of us who request your help in the U.S. military.


(military branch withheld) Chaplain (name and rank withheld)

P.S. After the New Year I’d like to have a phone conversation about
the extremely troubling increase in mass Christian baptisms taking place here among very vulnerable basic trainees at (military installation name withheld) and in other basic training environments in the U.S. military.

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  1. D.H.


  2. Karen Locke

    This. Yes. I am now an atheist, which should NOT be construed as commentary on anyone else’s spiritual path. Folks, as long as you agree that bending strangers’–or much worse, people beneath you in the military ranks–ears is wrong on principle, we are on the same team. I think of myself as a patriot. Mind you, I seldom fly the US flag as my father did, but I vote religiously and whine at my congresscritters frequently. We, all of us citizens, owe it to everyone in this country to be politically acttive. In my parents’ day, people of different beliefs did that gracefully. Today all that keeps people of differing beliefs from killing each other is the distance of the Internet.

    Be gracious, vote at every election, be kind to all, and badger your congresscritters (or however you name them in your country, congresscritters are a US feature). We’re in this together. It’s our planet.

  3. Beth Zion MMC

    Sorry Karen,

    It is not out planet, it is God’s, He created and He owns it

  4. Tom O

    “It is not our [spelling corrected] planet, it is God’s,” and God has appointed Beth Zion and the other fundamentalist bible-thumpers as resident managers to collect rent from us and tell us what we can and can’t do: right Beth?

  5. Beth Zion MMC

    Well Tom,

    I noticed after I was done typing and posted, I did misspell our, so thanks. As far as collecting rent, where did that come from? Also, I am not a fundamentalist, I am an evangelical charismatic. I know, all Christians to non Christians are considered fundamentalists.

  6. Robert Stern

    Evangelical charismatic? Yet another schismatic sect? Christians are splintered into myriad sects, each claiming to know what is right for everyone else, how in the world can any one of them have the gall to pretend they are the way? The Tower of Babel is a marvelous metaphor for religion. Missionaries are arrogant, patronizing, condescending know-it-alls who belittle and denigrate anyone not of their belief.

  7. Ventura Calderon Parada

    Please learn about Dominionism/Christian Nationalism/New Apostolic Reformation, and their Seven Mountains Mandate to make this a Christian nation. These are End Times zealots, who have been hard at work on this agenda for decades. They virtually own today’s Republican Party. They have come so far, they will not give up. Please learn all you can about them. They must be exposed.

  8. G

    “It is not out planet, it is God’s, He created and He owns it”

    Miss Zion, you want to tell that to the wealthy people. They think that they own it and that the rest of us have to do their bidding.

    If God owns the world, he sure is a lousy property manager, because he is letting the people wreck his place and not throwing the tenants off his property. If God had his place inspected by the Housing Department and the Public Health Department, he would have gotten fine, taken to court, be sent to jail and have his property condemned and bulldoze.

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