Grand Forks

From:  (name withheld)
Date: December 18, 2018 at 1:04:55 PM MST
To: Todd Starnes <[email protected]>
Cc: Mikey W <[email protected]>
Subject: Grand Forks

Mr. Starnes,

Once again you have demonstrated your ignorance of what the MRFF’s mission is and how hard my friend, Mikey Weinstein, works to protect our military and uphold the Constitution of the United States.  If you would simply do a little research into what the MRFF really does, you would eat most of your words about the Grand Forks Salvation Army.  I am a Christian and I approve of what the SA does.  The military cannot force its personnel to “voluntold” in an activity they do not believe in, especially one with such strong Christian overtones.  If they wish to volunteer on their own time, off duty, that would be fine.  If they volunteer while on duty, that leaves the unit shorthanded and those of other or no faiths are required to take up the slack.  The procedure of encouraging personnel to volunteer “on duty time” is a blatant example of the government treating preferentially one religion over others.  This is clearly defined in the Constitution.  Please do your homework prior to slamming the good people of the MRFF.

(name withheld)








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1 Comment

  1. Grey One talks sass

    Oh man, this letter is a boon to my heart, it made me laugh so hard.

    What was the triggering phrase? It was the suggestion that Todd Starnes do some research. ROFL

    Todd doesn’t do research. He finds a narrative that fits his prejudices and runs with it, facts be damned.

    Oh thank you. I needed the laugh today.

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