Weaponized Christmas Threatens Military From Within At Grand Forks Air Base

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  1. Clayton

    I am sure that an institution that generates help for homeless and underprivileged doesn’t only give to the Christian people. Even though it is a Christian based organization, it gives to needy people, without judgement of creed race or religion. So, instead of looking at it as you are working for Christian people, you could atop Complaining and look at it like it is your duty to help those that are struggling. When our military complains about having to help people, it makes one wonder what really happens on the line when it gets hot

  2. John Schuster

    Nonsense, Clayton!

    Being “voluntold” means maybe not having a weekend with your family. Support our troops, don’t make them beg for charity!

    Mikey and the MRFF Team are right on as always.

  3. Xmas Lover

    The Military Religious Freedom Foundation is what’s wrong with the world today. Saying poor people shouldn’t receive help?! When my house burned down 3 days before Christmas I had nothing left. The Salvation Army was there to give me clothes and a place to sleep. God will judge you all for trying to stop others from helping his children in their time of need.

  4. Grey One talks sass

    Xmas Lover – please read the article again and this time pay attention.

    MRFF never said poor folks shouldn’t receive help. They said the Military must follow the rules. This means military personnel can’t volunteer for a religious organization while receiving a paycheck from the government. The First Ammendment says that’s a no-no.

    Nice moving the goalposts though. You must have been up all night working because those posts are heavy!!!!

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