1/22/19 – MRFF’s Statement on Supreme Court Ruling Banning Transgender Personnel from Serving in the U.S. Military

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  1. Beth Zion

    Elections have consequences, isn’t that great!! Soon RBG will be on ice or may be on ice already, then the SCOTUS will swing even more in our favor for many years to come.

    Victory in Jesus!

  2. Grey One talks sass

    Please explain where Jesus wished or advocated for the death of anyone Beth Zion. My memory is fuzzy on that topic. I thought it was about turning the other cheek.

    Your very attitude is why your churches are hemorrhaging members. Thank you for inspiring so many to reject religion.

  3. Beth Zion

    I am not advocating for death, just stating the obvious, she will not recover, the MSM has been lying about her condition. If she is still alive then we want proof of Life. I think Fox News let the cat out of the bag too soon. That was no gaff or technical error.

  4. jimbo

    victory in jesus? Clue to the clueless, jesus never existed, the same as your gods, they don’t exist either. That is truth, and none like Beth Zion can prove otherwise. Religions promote the hatred of those like Beth, especially because they can’t prove their gods, there is no other path for them to achieve the domination they seek, the destruction of separation of church and state, the theocracy they seek to destroy society. These people are nuts, non-existent supernatural beings are just a single manifestation of their ignorance. Have your own beliefs, be sure they don’t include those who misuse their gods to achieve power.

  5. Grey One talks sass

    Beth Zion, you want proof of life????


    I guess the decision she just handed down wasn’t really her either. RBG is alive and kicking and based on the number of people on blogs offering their parts, prayers, and good energy to ensure she stays that way she may yet outlive us all. The immortal RGB for the win!!!!

  6. G

    Zion, I thought the Lord was against murder which is why he created the 10th Commandments. Or did he create them because he had nothing to do?

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