1/28/19 – MRFF VICTORY! Bible Removal at Veterans Administration Medical Center, New Hampshire

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  1. Mary E. Smith

    Removal of the Bible is an outrage! Put it back!

  2. Grey One talks sass

    Only if you agree to place beside it a book representative of every faith and no faith.


  3. Woodrow Rish

    I don’t consider that a win.. I hold it more as an ridiculous outrage!

  4. Grey One talks sass


    Isn’t the USA amazing? You have the right to your opinion. What you don’t have is the right to insist everyone honor any book you consider holy.

    My offer above stands. Want your book represented then include everyone. It’s that simple.

  5. Kevin

    This country was founded on religious values. Christian values. Freedom indicates ones right to choose. I agree that you have a choice to be a heathen, I however disagree with the fact that you feel you should be the one making everyone’s decision.

  6. Grey One talks sass

    Kevin, where exactly do I say I’m the one deciding for everyone?

  7. Gary j welch

    This is horseshit put it back you are a disgraceful organization

  8. Bob Jones

    That Bible at the V.A. in Manchester NH will be returned to the table in box attached to table , under Zola’s for all to see. That particular Bible belonged to a N.H. WW2 POW and used by ALL POW’s as a Symbol Of Hope, Peace And Family which gave ALL strength! It will stay on Table because That Is Freedom they ALL fought for. A right. Also to protect Rights of those who Don’t beleieve it should be there? Don’t look because 99% say you’re wrong and this is our right and we also represent all Religions ! Just don’t have any need for this particular Organization ! Take another way in to V.A. You don infringe on Our rights !

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